I love musicals and these songs are my favorite as of right now. I listen to these songs at least once a day. I have heard a few of these apart from the musical itself and am currently working on listening to the whole thing because these songs are beautiful. I like all of these for different reasons such as the message you get from the song, vocal talent, and overall feel to the song. I strongly encourage people to listen to these songs and the soundtrack for their musical and see what fits you.

1. "When He Sees Me" from "Waitress"

I absolutely LOVE this song and how relatable the lyrics are.

2. "How 'Bout a Dance"- Bonnie and Clyde (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

This song is so smooth and silky to the ears. It definitely sets a very subtly seductive mood.

3. "Fight For Me" from "Heathers"

Wait until you hear her say "daaaaammmn."

4. "Take Me or Leave Me" from "RENT"

Honestly this is just a classic and it is very fun to sing.

5. "Sexy" from "Mean Girls"

You can really "drop it to this hot and sexy hook."