Top Five Modern Disney Movies
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Top Five Modern Disney Movies

The ones that are worth watching more than once


We all know the classics, such as Snow White and Pinocchio, but Disney has pumped out some 21st century masterpieces. In order, here are the ones which I personally consider to be the best of this era.



With a poignant beginning, this movie delves into a wholesome journey taken by a cantankerous older man and his young sidekick. It's not only funny, but packed with plenty of moments that will make you misty eyed. It also has plenty of memorable sidekicks, including a talking dog and a bird that eats tennis balls.



Moana will always be a favorite of mine, and a large part of that is because of the relationship between Moana and Maui, the egotistical demigod with whom she sets out to restore the heart of TeFiti and save their world from inevitable doom. It's also filled with some great humor and fun songs.


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This unconventional take on Rapunzel's story features a likable princess and a charming rogue who isn't what he appears to be at first. The duo embark on adventures that lead Rapunzel to discover her true place in this world, going beyond simply letting down her hair, in more ways than one.

Meet the Robinsons

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Meet the Robinsons is a Back to the Future-esque type of film, with a rather unexpected twist at the end. It's a clever take on time travel and how a change in the past could eventually change the future. It also teaches a good lesson on how to let go of things that have hurt you, or how holding on to grudges can be detrimental.


Frozen is a unique tale about the love between two sisters, and how they would go to any lengths to protect each other. Everything from the animation, story, songs, and Elsa's ability and power is fantastically done.

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