Four Underrated Christmas Albums or the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is over and it's time to get into the holiday spirit! What better way to do so than to turn on your favorite, or in this case my favorite, Christmas-themed bops. These albums will most definitely get you right and you just might find your new favorite holiday album.

1. Cee Lo's Magic Moment (Cee Lo Green)

Honestly, where do I even start with this one. Cee Lo Green's voice is so legendary and soulful and lends itself so well to the most traditional Christmas songs, like Baby, It's Cold Outside and This Christmas. His rendition of What Christmas Means to Me starts the album off on the right mood and his outstanding vocals on Mary, Did You Know? will definitely get you in your feels, so be prepared.

2. That's Christmas to Me (Pentatonix)

Can we talk about the TALENT that jumps out during this outstanding acapella groups first Christmas album? Songs like White Winter Hymnal and Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy showcase their spectacular harmony and diversity, and their song That's Christmas to Me always makes me feel cozy inside.

3. Christmas & Chill (Ariana Grande)

There's a time and place for Christmas covers, but this album is not the one if you're in the market for dry and tired renditions. Modern spins on original songs can be seen, such as in True Love, breathe life and festivity into this entire album. Winter Things and Not Just on Christmas are the originals that the holiday season needed! Definitely give it a listen if you're needs something spicier than the same ol' songs.

4. Winter Moon (Mindy Gledhill)

She's different, but she's poppin'! Geldhill employs a ukulele in her songs (who knew) and it's a holiday hit, honestly. Her song Winter Moon gives a little glimpse at what love feels like during the holidays and Little Drummer Boy with a ukulele kick is surprising but a vibrant twist on a Christmas favorite.

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