Steve Harvey, in my opinion, is the funniest guy on TV. One may think that hosting Family Feud wouldn't allow him to express his creativity, however, Steve finds a way to make each episode hilarious and enjoyable. From making fun of people for horrible and dumb answers and his amazing improv ability, Steve always can brighten your day with his comedy.

Now, each friend group has a guy or girl that tries to be like Steve Harvey, but fails at doing so. Almost 99 percent of the jokes they say fall flat and get booed, but there are those one percent of jokes that are killer. I admit, I am one of those horrible joke tellers as my friends are well aware, however, that doesn't stop me from trying to be like Steve Harvey.

Here are seven signs are you are the Steve Harvey of your friend group.

1. You see a sign and try to make a pun out of it.

Steve is always able to take a one or two words and turn it into a hilarious pun joke. If you try to do this, then you are trying to be Steve Harvey.

2. You try to make the "Bruh" Face.

The picture below is Steve's signature face. He always uses it when a contestant says a horrible answer or when he is simply confused. If you attempt to make this face, then you are trying to be Steve Harvey.

3. You laugh so hard to the point where you can't walk straight.

When Steve hears a great answer from a contestant, sometimes he doesn't know what to do with himself. On some of those times, Steve uncontrollably laughs and trots across the stage. If you can't control your laughter, then you are trying to be like Steve Harvey.

4. You always put your right hand on someone's shoulder.

After a contestant gives his or her fast money answers, Steve puts his right hand on the contestants shoulder when finding out what score each answer got. I have no idea why he does this, however, if you like touching people's shoulders, then I guess you are like Steve Harvey.

5. You have a "Steve Harvey Mustache."

Steve has a signature mustache that is very recognizable. If you for some reason shave your mustache to look like Steve Harvey, then you are a legend.

6. You make a lot of mistakes.

To make this one short, Steve Harvey's epic gaffe at the Miss Universe pageant is one for the ages. If you make a hilarious mistake that a normal person wouldn't make, then you are Steve Harvey.

7. You stare at people when they stay something dumb.

Have you ever had a friend say something so stupid that you just stared at them? If so, then you are Steve Harvey.

So, to all those people who are like Steve Harvey, keep being you. The more you try to be like Steve Harvey, the better of a chance you will actually transform into him one day.