My Six Favorite Albums
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My Six Favorite Albums

Theses have been giving me life.

My Six Favorite Albums

I've been suffering major writers block for a few days, so instead of forcing something out my head, I'll just spill my latest obsessions. Known for being all over the damn place this brief list ranges from music, to apps and other sites my heart desires. In no particular order.

6. Amber Rose "Muvamoji" ($1.99 on App Store and Google Play)

It a new emoji app created by socialite Amber Rose. The categories range from your facial expression, to LGBT pride, adult content, famous quotes from her Slut Walk and gif emojis. (and plenty more) I love how you can change the size and the shades of skin tones and I constantly use her twerking on the jeep emoji for every conversation. It updates frequently with new emojis, there is a Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian muvamoji celebrating their engagement. (P.S. some androids have a complaint that the gif emoji don't work on their devices and is only for iPhone.)

5. The Read Podcast

Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher, The Read is a podcast that Kid Fury and Crissle hilariously discuss Black culture, hip-hop culture, and pop culture in the time frame of an hour and a half. (time ranges from time to time) Their stanning for the Queen B and the royal family makes me feel that I'm not alone and it's very normal. I love their Black excellent segments, since black people having positive recognition in mainstream media is less often, I love learning something new. Their views on race is insightful for people who are non-Black and it makes me feel secure since being in the Midwest is very conservative and my view are the same as theirs. The listening letters will have you full of emotions and the iconic reads will get your life.

4. Another Round Podcast

Another podcast that I can't get enough of that is also available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Another Round consist of the duo Heben and Tracy as they tackle the topic of race, gender, and pop culture with a drunken twist. (hint: their liquor of choice is Bourbon) I love the Tracy's joke time segment, the jokes are overly cheesy yet I get a good laugh (you know the one were you can't breathe and sound like a dying whale? yeah, that one.) every time. I live you the fact that it's two black women who are feminist and they both give interesting insight from their backgrounds. Tracy is from the south and Heben is from Ethiopia and is a lesbian. So, I really appreciate their culture differences. The "rounds" segments is another favorite of mine and they have very interesting guest were you will learn something new.

3. Beyoncé's Formation (song & video)

Y'all, I still can't get enough of this song! The Queen bless us with the track (for free) and the video on February 6th and it has been the topic of discussion ever since. The song is pro-black and anti-police brutality and the video shows her southern Black girl roots and I live. She addresses all the rumors and negative comments about her, her baby and she could care less. The video harshly shows even years later, life after Hurricane Katrina and how the way people were treated still affects them and the city. I love how she shows all aspects of Black girl southern culture and how her background dancer were all shades of black with beautiful afros and she even addresses police brutality with the young man dancing in front of the officers and they surrender to him. For her to use this huge platform of hers to talk about theses issues that affect Black people and for it to be a positive song about Black people, for Black people make me proud.

2. Domo Genesis- Genesis

Odd Future member, Domo Genesis released his first debut March 24th and it's an amazing project that shows his growth from all this past mixtapes. The record is very mid-tempo and the whole concept seems to be about the transition from young teens to adulthood and finding your way. The first single is Dapper, featuring Anderson. Paak and this new side of Domo is getting noticed.

The second single features another OF member, Tyler, The Creator, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa called Go which gives a flashback of the classic OF songs that formed their fanbase. Giving nostalgia with that track help the record reach No. 1 on the US Top Heatseekers albums and also number 14 on US Top hip-hop/R&B albums. My favorite track is "Wanderer", the jazz vibes and the soulful influences made me have it on repeat for days.

1. Twenty88-Self Titled and short film "Out of Love"

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean formed the duo Twenty88 which came from both of them recently celebrating their 28th birthday and both being born in 1988. It's an eight track EP that is everything about relationships. They wanted to tell a story of the rollercoaster of relationships with a sexy confidence undertone. The EP was released on April 1st exclusively through Tidal, then eventually were released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play. On April 8th the duo released a 15 minute short film called "Out of Love" on Tidal as well, and you see how the music comes to life with 70s aesthetic of robots in the sex industry, and finding love in a fake environment. I can't stop listening to this record and my favorite song is a tie between "Selfish" and "Push It" both R&B is records one more towards 70s and the other 90s. Get you dose of the complication of real love asap and also check out their website Twenty88 for the dope merch.

Hopefully y'all check these out and love them as much as I do!

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