Top 5 Thrifter Tips For People Looking To Save Money
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Top 5 Thrifter Tips For People Looking To Save Money

How to make the most out of your next thrift store shopping experience.

Top 5 Thrifter Tips For People Looking To Save Money

If you have a VCSO account or have seen any of Emma Chamberlain's YouTube videos, it's no secret that thrifting has taken over the shopping habits of young people.

Why spend $60 on a new pastel Champion crew neck when you can just thrift a used one for $4? Not to mention the fact you're helping the planet by not contributing to the earth-damaging process that is producing clothing.

However, shopping in thrift stores is not always as easy as finding homework answers on Quizlet. Here's a list of tips and tricks to use for your next thrift store haul.

1. Consider what stores are best fit for what you need

Out of the Closet, 123 North High Street Columbus, OH 43210

Out of the Closet

Before you set out to shop at any thrift store consider what you are really shopping for. If you're looking for basic crew necks and comfy tees, places like Goodwill and The Salvation Army are perfect options. If you're looking for statement pieces or more vintage style clothing, try second-hand boutiques. Keep in mind that these types of stores are usually more expensive than general thrift stores, so be sure to take that into account beforehand.

2. Don't shop in just one section.

One More Time Clothing Store, 1521 West 5th Avenue Columbus, OH 43212

One More Time

More often than not clothes get sorted into the wrong section at thrift stores or are moved around. If you're looking for a specific piece, be sure to examine ALL racks of clothing. This is especially true with unisex clothing. Most oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts get sorted into the men's sections, so don't be afraid to investigate all areas of merchandise.

3. Look out for daily discounts

Vintage Discount Outlet, 3500 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH 43224

Vintage Discount

Usually, at big name chain thrift stores there are discounts for certain colors of clothing on specific days of the week. Use this to your advantage! If you're looking for a specific color of clothing make sure to shop on the day that the store gives its discount. This is especially helpful for clothing that is predominately made in one color, like denim jeans for example.

4. Consider the surrounding area

Rag-O-Rama, 3301 North High Street Columbus, OH 43202


If you are looking to get the most options in a thrift store, be sure to take into account how many other thrift stores are in the area. If you choose to shop at a thrift store with not many others nearby, it's likely that the store will be extremely picked over and will leave you disappointed. Instead, shop in areas where there are several thrift stores around. That way it is very unlikely that it will be picked over, and you can go to multiple different stores in a shorter time frame.

5. Plan a budget and stick to it

M&M Thrift Store, 765 Parsons Avenue Columbus, OH 43206


Do not let the '90s windbreakers and vintage flare jeans distract you from the real reason why you're thrifting: to save money. It is incredibly easy to get tricked by how cheap the prices are and end up buying way more clothes than you originally planned to. What's the point of thrifting if you spend the same amount of money you do when going to the mall? Create a plan in your head, whether it be a price limit or a maximum number of clothing articles, and stick to it.

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