Top 5 Suspense Filled Video Games To Play This Month

Top 5 Suspense Filled Video Games To Play This Month

Looking for a scary ride through the video game world? Check out these picks.

Sometimes, watching movies during the spooky October season isn't enough if you are an adrenaline junkie and a true lover of thrill and terror. If you are looking for some new video games to play that are scary, heart pounding, or just plain stressful (in a fun way) then check out my top 5 picks!

Whether you play alone or with a group of friends; late at night or during the day (just to be safe, like me), these games are sure to give you plenty of scares.

1. Outlast (Series)

Possibly three of the scariest games I have come across: the Outlast series. It has gained notoriety for its first-person survival aspect focused on a run or hide option, and not being able to fight back against the various enemies you meet. This is sure to pack a punch and provide plenty of terrifying encounters, and heart-pounding chase scenarios that require quick thinking.

If you enjoy games with multi-layered storylines that provide more than just minor jump scares, check out Outlast. The first, second and third installments are all part of the same universe, but can be played on their own. I suggest checking out Outlast 1&2 as a set, preferably.

Outlast is currently available on PS4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

2. Until Dawn

The interactive survival horror game, Until Dawn, gained its popularity by being designed to be playable multiple times, as players can't view all of the content over one play through.

Based on the "butterfly effect," the game provides a unique experience depending on how the player chooses, through multiple scenarios, a choice of action that has various consequences later in the game. The graphics of this game are also exceptional, and the storyline plays out more so like a movie than your average game.

Part of the fun for me in playing it was that you become invested in keeping certain characters alive, and it is, quite frankly, devastating when one wrong move results in their death later in the game. If you enjoy video games with a more immersive effect, check out this one, available on PS4.

3. Dying Light 1&2

I couldn't not include a zombie game in my list, and this is by far one of my favorite zombie games I have played.

Based in an open world environment (meaning that the player has free range to explore the maps provided) this survival horror game offers a fun, duel experience: the world of Dying Light during the day is already difficult enough to handle, but once night falls, it becomes an entirely different universe.

Once the world turns dark, the player is given the option to either remain in hiding until dawn, or try and explore the map that is now infested with the strongest zombies in the game. As well as this, the player is given multiple tasks with a varying level of difficulty, some meant to be complete during the day, and others at night.

This game uses the player's ability to adapt and traverse through the various areas of the map. If the player makes too much noise zombies are attracted to the area. So it is smart to use melee weapons versus guns and the like. If you want to test out your ability to play complex games that also happen to include scary moments, check out Dying Light, available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

4. Layers of Fear

Less complex than the previous games mentioned, but still an excellent horror game in its own right, this indie game focuses on a painter and his hallucinations. As you play through the game, the hallucinations get gradually more terrifying, and you unveil more of the storyline and the painter's past with each clue you find.

The ambiance of the game is the generic spooky manor with occasional jump scares during a thunderstorm, but the twist of the character's memories give it a very Amnesia-esque feel. If you enjoyed that game, you will love Layers of Fear, available on Steam, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft, and OSX.

5. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Developed as an indirect sequel for the popular game Amnesia: A Dark Descent, Machine for Pigs offers an intricate storyline and original scares, like the ones offered in older indie horror games. An oldie but a goodie, it was recently re-released on PS4 as part of the Amnesia Collection.

If none of these other games suit your fancy and you'd rather start with something older, definitely check out the Amnesia series.

Cover Image Credit: Dying Light: The Following

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This Phone Kidnapping Scam Could Cost You Thousands And My Situation Should Be A Warning

This article is to tell you my story and provide tips on how to understand what is a scam/how to prevent them.


A few weeks ago, my family was caught in the middle of a kidnapping phone scandal that costs us a couple hundred dollars. Many times you hear these stories on the news and think it couldn't happen to you or your loved ones. Then, when it happens, you haven't taken any cautionary measures. This article is to tell you my story and provide tips on how to understand what is a scam/how to prevent them.

This scam took place between my sister and father at first. All the scammers needed was the two phone numbers and some computer software to trick us. They began by calling both my sister and father at the same time. The call to my sister's phone looked like it was coming from my father because they use software that made the call come from my father's phone number. Caller ID showed my father's name and made it seem like they had his phone. The same concept happened to my father with my sister's number.

After they get you to pick up, they told both my father and sister they had kidnapped the other. They told my father they kidnapped her off the streets. They told my sister that my father had a debt to pay and they're holding him hostage until they get the amount. At this point, both my sister and dad think the other is being held hostage (when neither was). They tell you not to hang up the phone or they will hurt the loved one.

They then ask for money in the form of VISA gift cards or such. They will tell you to buy/max out multiple cards to the highest it will allow (usually $500) and then tell you to read the numbers of the card to them. This makes them untraceable. The number varies between each scammer so that might now always indicate a scam.

The reason you don't immediately hang up is that they are smarter than just telling you they have someone you love. For example, they used personal information they made my sister tell them against my father (and vise-versa). They make you say your location (ex. my sister's college) and what is around you to make it believable.

Also, people tend to begin these times and they will use all of the info you share against the other person they called to make it seem real. On top of the info, they record parts of the conversation when someone is talking and play it back for the other. In our case, they told my sister to say, "Don't worry dad, I'll take care of us. We'll be okay". Then, they played this clip back for my father to make it seem like they actually had her there.

Now, most people just think it's so easy to just hang up and call bullshit but they make it very clear not to mess with their rules. They told my father not to tell anyone about this, stay on the line at all times, and do what they say. If he was to not listen, they threatened to rape and/or kill my sister. This obviously is a brutal image to even imagine, so it's not worth risking it. So, he stayed on the line.

My mother then came up to my father and figured out what was happening and the real game began. She took the phone and used her skills at lying to delay buying the cards. My sister didn't have anyone with her at college so she ended up giving them a few gift cards. She then was stranded at a Kroger just waiting. They kept her on the line to keep recording her voice for my mom. Now that my father wasn't on the phone, he called the police and began investigating. He called her roommate and asked if he had seen my sister.

The roommate hadn't seen her; however, he had her location turned on. He tracked her to Kroger and ran there (he lives in the city). The roommate and my father worked with the police and SWAT team to get my sister. Meanwhile, my mom is just acting like an idiot and asking many questions because she wanted them to think she was confused. Any lie she could think of, she was using.

When the SWAT team saw my sister, they didn't grab her immediately. They made sure nobody was with her. After confirming she was alone, they radioed that they had the victim. This caused my sister confusion because she didn't think she was the victim. She still thought they had our mom and dad. So she's yelling at SWAT to find my parents. They then bring her to the station and explain what was actually happening. After my parents got confirmation my sister was safe, they called the scammers out and they hung up immediately. All were safe and the police were now trying to track the scammers.

Overall, it took hours to get the full story from all 4 people (and what you just read was the abridged version). They then took my sister's phone and made my parents come to pick her and her phone up.


- Turn on your location with at least 3 trusted people and tell your family who has it

-Make a code word in case this situation happens so you know it's real

-Never actually buy the cards they ask for

-Always have a pad and paper so you can write notes to people if they are around

-DO NOT tell them how much money you have

-Never trust the scammer, even if they tell you some true information

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