Top 5 Suspense Filled Video Games To Play This Month

Top 5 Suspense Filled Video Games To Play This Month

Looking for a scary ride through the video game world? Check out these picks.

Sometimes, watching movies during the spooky October season isn't enough if you are an adrenaline junkie and a true lover of thrill and terror. If you are looking for some new video games to play that are scary, heart pounding, or just plain stressful (in a fun way) then check out my top 5 picks!

Whether you play alone or with a group of friends; late at night or during the day (just to be safe, like me), these games are sure to give you plenty of scares.

1. Outlast (Series)

Possibly three of the scariest games I have come across: the Outlast series. It has gained notoriety for its first-person survival aspect focused on a run or hide option, and not being able to fight back against the various enemies you meet. This is sure to pack a punch and provide plenty of terrifying encounters, and heart-pounding chase scenarios that require quick thinking.

If you enjoy games with multi-layered storylines that provide more than just minor jump scares, check out Outlast. The first, second and third installments are all part of the same universe, but can be played on their own. I suggest checking out Outlast 1&2 as a set, preferably.

Outlast is currently available on PS4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

2. Until Dawn

The interactive survival horror game, Until Dawn, gained its popularity by being designed to be playable multiple times, as players can't view all of the content over one play through.

Based on the "butterfly effect," the game provides a unique experience depending on how the player chooses, through multiple scenarios, a choice of action that has various consequences later in the game. The graphics of this game are also exceptional, and the storyline plays out more so like a movie than your average game.

Part of the fun for me in playing it was that you become invested in keeping certain characters alive, and it is, quite frankly, devastating when one wrong move results in their death later in the game. If you enjoy video games with a more immersive effect, check out this one, available on PS4.

3. Dying Light 1&2

I couldn't not include a zombie game in my list, and this is by far one of my favorite zombie games I have played.

Based in an open world environment (meaning that the player has free range to explore the maps provided) this survival horror game offers a fun, duel experience: the world of Dying Light during the day is already difficult enough to handle, but once night falls, it becomes an entirely different universe.

Once the world turns dark, the player is given the option to either remain in hiding until dawn, or try and explore the map that is now infested with the strongest zombies in the game. As well as this, the player is given multiple tasks with a varying level of difficulty, some meant to be complete during the day, and others at night.

This game uses the player's ability to adapt and traverse through the various areas of the map. If the player makes too much noise zombies are attracted to the area. So it is smart to use melee weapons versus guns and the like. If you want to test out your ability to play complex games that also happen to include scary moments, check out Dying Light, available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

4. Layers of Fear

Less complex than the previous games mentioned, but still an excellent horror game in its own right, this indie game focuses on a painter and his hallucinations. As you play through the game, the hallucinations get gradually more terrifying, and you unveil more of the storyline and the painter's past with each clue you find.

The ambiance of the game is the generic spooky manor with occasional jump scares during a thunderstorm, but the twist of the character's memories give it a very Amnesia-esque feel. If you enjoyed that game, you will love Layers of Fear, available on Steam, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft, and OSX.

5. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Developed as an indirect sequel for the popular game Amnesia: A Dark Descent, Machine for Pigs offers an intricate storyline and original scares, like the ones offered in older indie horror games. An oldie but a goodie, it was recently re-released on PS4 as part of the Amnesia Collection.

If none of these other games suit your fancy and you'd rather start with something older, definitely check out the Amnesia series.

Cover Image Credit: Dying Light: The Following

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Why Sims 4 Is Better Than Therapy

No mom, I'm not wasting my time. I'm planning my life.

If you've ever felt like you've lost control of your life, you can fix that problem for a low fee of $20, by investing in one of my favorite casual games: The Sims 4. Starting off as a simple simulation game, this platform has evolved into a place where people can create unique storylines and almost lead second lives. Because it allows players to control an entire town of people, regulating everything from emotions to hobbies to professions, most people find satisfaction in knowing that every single one of those pixelated humans' lives are in their hands.

When I started playing the Sims, I created a young adult with my likeness, and used my starter budget to buy a small plot of land where I built my first house from scratch- an accomplishment that sent my Sim into debt, ultimately killing her ability to find a partner, which left her living in the local park and eating hot dogs until she died from an overdose of soda. (See, unhealthy sugars CAN kill you).

My second try was more successful- I created an overweight man (it would take longer for him to die of starvation) who was a bit of a nerd, but still charismatic. Long story short, Benson Olson lived a long and peaceful life, ultimately succumbing to old age. From that moment on, I knew I how to maneuver the game properly- and the rewards were so satisfying.

I was able to decide fates, but the game forced me to stay organized. Fathering too many children or going to work too often was often a cause of stress for my Sims, so I learned how to balance their needs while still having fun. The level of patience it takes to play the Sims is crazy- relationships take time to build and sometimes they don't work out too well.

That's where cheats come in handy. The developers of the SIms 4 actually encourage users to use cheats, giving users the ability Sims millionaires in less than a minute, or to force relationships between NPCs, no matter how compatible they may be.

I've often found that naming Sims after people in my life, then making their lives hell has been another benefit of the game- you can totally mess with them by starting a fire in their house, or tipping over trashcans until you're banished. Some of my friends have even requested to become part of my households- in the form of pets, because they're too scared to be 'humans' in my unpredictable Sim worlds.

Overall, the Sims 4 may seem like a timewaster, but the way this game stretches the creative bubble is both beneficial and therapeutic.

Cover Image Credit: WIndows Central

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Apple Music Versus Spotify

Which music app reigns supreme?

I recently went through an internal struggle; wanting to stay loyal to apple music with the draw of Spotify including Hulu in their package slowly pulling me in. I had to go based off of my friends' recommendations of both music streaming apps, although they tended to be a bit biased. It was time I tested both for myself and finally settled on the best one. Both get the job done, but there are surely pros and cons for each.

Music Variety

When it comes to this category, Spotify reigns supreme. The app features a lot more remixes than Apple Music does, and I feel as though I’m exposed to tons of new music. Of course this category isn’t terribly important, as you could download any song from the internet and upload it to either app.


Every iPhone comes with iTunes, so why download another app for music when you’re trying to save space? This was one of the issues I had with Spotify in the first place, it required me to download the app on my phone as well as the program on my computer. My mac already comes with iTunes, but I guess this isn’t such a problem for Android and PC users.


Spotify definitely wins this round, a normal membership now comes with access to a basic Hulu account! If you’re a student, this means only $5 a month for both services! It’s basically a dream come true.


Random, but this is something that I have noticed as a difference between Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify’s shuffle is significantly less shuffled than Apple Music’s. I find that when I press shuffle on Spotify I constantly hear songs by the same artist a bunch of times in a row, while I never encounter this problem with Apple.


Apple Music is more organized than Spotify is. On Apple Music, I can choose to arrange my playlists, however, I like based on artist, date added, or even song title. I can do this on Spotify too, but only from my computer. On the app, my music is always organized by date added, which is not my first choice. It’s a small problem, but one I definitely took notice of.

Discover Weekly

One of the great things about Spotify is the personalized playlists it makes every week- and they’re pretty good! Apple Music doesn’t really have anything similar to this, which is a shame and a half.


Both of these apps have their own version of “radio” services, where you can create a radio station based off of a song, artist, or album. Spotify seems to always been spouting out new songs by the hundreds, even if you’re not sure how some of them made it on the radio playlist. Apple Music seems to play the same few songs on repeat, and keep them the same for everyone. So both apps have their downsides here, but Spotify definitely shows more diversity and gives more songs chances to shine.

My honest opinion: you can’t go wrong with either of these apps. Both have high-quality music with almost unlimited options that are easy to use. I personally use Spotify, but it was mostly because of the Hulu promotion (definitely worth it by the way). I’ve tried both, used both for a few months, and this is my consensus. No matter what you use, happy listening!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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