Top 5 Places To Study At Purdue

Top 5 Places To Study At Purdue

An academic atmosphere is so important when preparing for final exams.


As our final exams quickly approach, stress is going to be high on campus. Hopefully, the temperature will follow suit. Studying for your exams is extremely important in order to solidify your final grade. There are many great spaces at Purdue that have an academic atmosphere! Here’s a list of students' favorites.

1. Hicks

Open 24/7, has lots of outlets, decently quiet - everything you need to succeed.

2. Stewart Library

I’ve never studied there, but I know many who enjoy it based on where it’s located and how many study spaces it has.

3. Lawson

Especially for CS students, it has many labs to use and whiteboards to work/collaborate on.


New building, open 24 hours, café inside, and located in the center of campus makes for a popular study area!

5. Purdue Memorial Union

Tap room, basement, and main floor always have students working. It’s generally quiet and a great area to feel focused. They also have lots of food options in the basement so you can keep your energy up!

Good luck on your exams!!

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