Top 5 Instagram Foodies of 2016

Top 5 Instagram Foodies of 2016

Your jaw is about to drop..

Our generation has redesigned the word "food" to "foodie". I am sure that every single one of you have stalked an Instagram Foodie's feed and instantly experienced your mouth watering. After reading this article, it'll be hard to resist their sweet and savory temptations. Here are the Top 5 Instagram Foodies of 2016. Be prepared for your stomach to rumble.


The name of this foodies Instagram will definitely make you laugh. The two women who run the feed of @2girls.1fork are both Virginia Tech Alum. We know where they get their good taste in food from! They are located in New York City and are generously sharing their delicious and unique foods with the world. Their feed consists of savory and sweet flavors that will make your mouth water. They have a following of over 11K, and it keeps growing. I would highly recommend hitting that follow button. You will not regret it!

2. @brunchboys

BrunchBoys is a well known name in the Instagram food industry. The person behind it all is known for the amazing pictures and also videos he takes. This foodie has over 281K followers on Instagram. If you aren't following the @brunchboys on Instagram, then you aren't with it. If you love watching videos and also looking at delicious pictures of food all day, then I would tell you to follow @brunchboys.

3. @foodbabyny

On this particular Instagram, you will get to see not only yummy food, but also a baby or two! It is the cutest idea anyone has every thought of. This foodie has two children that he loves to take pictures of with delicious food. @Foodbabyny's followers have watched the two children grow up throughout the feed. It is really a cool idea and a unique way to connect with their 131K followers.

4. @onehungryjew

The name of the Instagram pretty much explains it all... One Hungry Jew. This foodie is well known for her heavenly pictures that will make you want to jump through your iPhone screen. The Instagram is made up of all sorts of different foods. Even though she is based in New York, New York, you will occasionally see snips of foods from different countries.


@Foooodie has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for being oh so very delicious! The Insta Foodie's feed consists of both sweet and savory foods; however, the majority of the pictures are desserts. But hey, I can't complain! If you have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend following this famous Foodie!

There are many Instagram Foodies out there, but these are my top 5 best picks of 2016. Whether you crave sweet or savory flavors, you will be able to see a variety of delicious foods. Our generation is known for using the internet to connect with others. Following a foodie, or even becoming onewill help you connect with people from all over the world. Don't miss out on following these amazing Instagram Foodie accounts!

Cover Image Credit: OneHungryJew

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The Dos And Donuts Of Dunkin' Etiquette

A few things us Dunkin' workers want you to know.

If you've been someone who's had a job since you were 15 like me, there's a solid chance you've worked somewhere like McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway, or really any chain restaurant.

For the last 3 years, I have worked at Dunkin' Donuts. I will say I genuinely am never shocked by specific orders or complaints after multiple years of shuffling through jobs I could really only get when I was so young at the time. I am especially grateful for my job and I can easily say I genuinely enjoy it from time to time. Like any job really, it gets stressful from time to time.

Usually, however, this is due customers who are just unaware of Dunkin's standards. Here are a few things to educate yourself on the everyday dilemmas Dunkin' workers deal with:

1. We are not McDonald's or Starbucks

As off as it may seem, when you order a small coffee you simply say...small coffee. Although I am familiar with the tall, grande, and venti terms of Starbucks, they are not universal terms at Dunkin'. In terms of food, do not confuse McDonalds breakfast with Dunkin Breakfast...yes...this happens, and no we do not have Egg McMuffins.

2. If you don't clarify, we assume your coffee is hot, and we do not somehow know your size

Before rambling off your order, please say your size and drink preference. Ok yes, half decaf hazelnut with 8 sugars and skim...although this is straightforward, is it medium, or large? Is it hot or iced coffee? When this occurs for multiple drinks extra time is required which frustrates the customer ordering as well as the other customers in line.

3. "Regular" coffee is not a standard

Do not use the term "regular." Regular means multiple things according to the average customer. Regular coffee blend, regular meaning black coffee, or regular meaning with cream and sugar. The term is too arbitrary for us to guess, so please specify your preference.

4. We cannot physically put a half of a sugar or cream in a beverage

When it comes to sugar and dairy, Dunkin' utilizes calibrated machines. Every drink has a standard number of cream and sugar, and the smallest amount used is 1. If you have a specific preference in terms of cream and sugar, ask for it on the side. This saves us time and meets your expectations for what you want.

5. Latte's are not made "light and sweet"

In simple terms, espresso beverages like lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos all consist of different amounts of espresso and milk. They are not made with cream. You can use choices of regular, skim, or almond milk.

6. Please do not order while on the phone or give me a list

I get that everyone is busy, however, when ordering for a matter of two or so minutes, please do wait to finish a phone call. In addition, if you have a list of beverages, you don't have to silently sit there and hand me a list without regarding my existence. Believe it or not, the order goes quicker when you read off a list, not when you give us one.

7. Understand coupons

If you have a coupon for a $1.29 bagel with cream cheese, or a coffee or latte card, do not ask to substitute other products. Coupons work specifically after ringing up what the coupon says. It will not scan with something else. Especially, do not get frustrated when I cannot fulfill your request.

Overall, although Dunkin' is a straightforward job, a little respect and understanding goes a long way and makes both your life and mine easier.

Cover Image Credit: Eneida Munoz

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Pez: A Delicious Yet Underrated Candy

Nothing comes close to the feeling of enjoying a scrumptious Pez brick.

If you ask someone what their favorite candy is, many people will likely give you a standard answer of skittles or m&m’s, or maybe starburst. But not me. I prefer a different candy, and it comes inside a small package and is shaped like a small rectangle. Some people may have forgotten that this candy even exists, but I never will. I am, of course, talking about Pez, the world’s most underrated candy.

Pez comes in the form of small, delicious blocks most appropriately enjoyed when first placed into a Pez dispenser. However, I believe that a dispenser is not completely necessary in order to enjoy the wonders of this delightful candy.

Some people I know have criticized Pez, saying it has no taste, or putting the pieces into the dispenser is too much work, or even that it tastes more like soap than candy. This breaks my heart every time that I hear it. Pez is delicious and needs to be treated as such.

There is simply nothing more satisfying than loading your favorite Pez dispenser with a fresh pack of the delicious candy bricks, then relaxing as you treat yourself to the deliciously chalky taste of the candy one piece at a time, proving that some things in life really are worth it.

Some may argue it seems pointless to have to place the candy into the dispenser just to take it back out again and eat it right away, but a true Pez lover understands the magical connection between Pez and Pez dispenser.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the things that don’t really matter in this life, like skittles or starbursts. That’s why once in a while you have to just stop, take a step back and appreciate the world around you, which can, of course, be accomplished by simply having some Pez.

Pez appears to have been forgotten by this generation, and it is a true travesty to think that future generations may not know the wonders of this magnificent candy. Pez also gets a bad rap sometimes because of the stigma associated with the weirdos who collect Pez dispensers.

If someone asks you if you want to see their Pez dispenser collection, you should probably say no because you may get murdered if you say yes, but just know that these people do not reflect what Pez is or what it stands for.

With some candies, only certain flavors are actually good, but this is not the case with Pez because all the flavors are delicious. This may be partially true because many of the flavors taste more or less the same, but this does not matter.

As a global society, we are facing many challenges right now that need to be addressed, but this issue needs to be pushed to the forefront immediately. We need to reintroduce Pez back into the cultural consciousness so that our children will know the wonders it beholds.

I’m talking Pez on display in every single candy store window, maybe a children’s TV show about Pez, Pez memorabilia like toys or video games or t-shirts. If we work together, we can bring Pez back and finally give it the treatment it deserves. The flame of Pez is still burning, and we must ensure that it never gets extinguished.

Cover Image Credit:

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