Top 5 Halloween Treats To Try At Disney

October is a great time for family fun, especially if you live in Florida! Mikey's not-so-scary Halloween is one of the most fun Disney events someone could go to. It's all fun, no scary! Plus the food is amazing. They roll out a ton of delicious special edition treats just for this time of year! Here are my top 6 must-try treats! You can check out pictures and critiques of all of the food mentioned here.

1. Chocolate Mickey Waffle Sundae.


Mickey waffles are the most iconic Disney food, in my opinion. You can get this super cute sundae of pumpkin gelato, candy corn, sprinkles, and caramel, along with two chocolate mickey waffles at Sleepy Hallow! It's super instgrammable and super festive. Dig in!

2. Hades Hatred.


This is a cool, blue drink of lemonade, blue curacao (the syrup), and blueberry popping bubbles topped off with a heaping mound of blue cotton candy. What a cute homage to the best Disney villain, Hades! (I mean come on, he's hilarious.) Get it at Cool Ship.

3. Jack and Sally Cake Push Pops.


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween movies? The Nightmare Before Christmas! These adorable cake push pops are to die for (get it?) The Sally push pop is predominantly vanilla flavored with strawberry rice crisps on top, the Jack one has vanilla icing, chocolate cake, and chocolate everything else! You and your boo need to go grab one right now! Get them at Carts near the castle!

4. Halloween Cinnamon Roll.


Perfect decorations on a perfected classic! This huge mickey shaped cinnamon roll is covered in orange icing all over with a black icing spider web on top! Get it at Mainstreet Bakery!

5. Billy's Dirt and Worms.


This one is an OG movie easter egg! (see: Hocus Pocus) It is normal dirt and worms from your childhood (pudding, cake crumbles, gummy worms) but comes with a white chocolate Billy crawling out of a grave! Super yummy and super nostalgic. Get it at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.

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