5 Apps You Should Use Daily In College

5 Apps You Should Use Daily In College

Cruise through your week with these useful and simple apps.

College is all about multitasking our social, personal and work life. Maintaining a balance can be tough because some days will be successful and some the absolute worst. So, what better to help organize ourselves with some useful and handy apps? Here are the top 5 apps you need to stay planned and stress-free!

1. Pzizz-Sleep, Nap, Focus (4.7 stars)

This app is the best thing that has happened to me. Pzizz is an app which consists of music, sounds and voiceovers to help relax, sleep, and stay focused. If you want to sleep better at night or take refreshing naps during the day, then this is the app for you!

Every time you use the app, it creates a unique session for you, with multiple sound effects to choose from, which means it is easily customizable and enables a relaxing and personalized listening experience. The sounds are very comforting, and you won’t even realize how quick you will zone out! College can be stressful, however, it shouldn’t affect your good sleeping habits. So, stop stressing and start relaxing.

2. Quizlet (4.4 stars)

Quizlet is a fantastic app to help practice and learn better while you’re studying. Create our own flashcards/study sets to test your memory, writing and listening skills. You can customize them with different languages, images and play games to make studying less of a chore and more a fun activity.

Not only that, you can share your study sets with others s and find millions more created by other students. I am grateful for quizlet because it saved my high school grades. (for real though). For classes such as science/math, I used quizlet to help me memorize facts and differentiate between what I already know and what I don’t. So, you can thank me later when you're crushing those tests and exams.

3. Grammarly Keyboard (4.4 stars)

Now, if you already don’t have Grammarly, you need to download it right now. Grammarly is an app that automatically detects grammar, spelling error, word choice and style mistakes we all make when writing. Not only that, Grammarly can also detect plagiarism.

The app will ensure your writing is error-free, clear and simple. Grammarly helped me immensely in high school for my language and literature class. So, when your schedule’s tight and you don’t have time to go the writing center, Grammarly will be your best friend.

4. Rate My Professors (4.3 stars)

So, I can confirm that I live under a rock because I have never heard of this app, until a few weeks ago. It is exactly what the title says- get the classes you want with great professors. Search a professor’s name to compare their ratings, difficulty level, reviews and classroom performance so you can make the best decision for your classes.

Simply enter in your school, major or interests to find results you want. When you’re selecting classes for the new semester, you can be sure of which professor’s class you want to be in.

5. Flora-Focus, Study, Forest 2 (4.6 stars)

I think we can all relate when we need to focus but we just can’t put our phones down. I am very guilty of this because I am addicted to snapchat and watching clips of the show KUWTK on Instagram. Whenever you don’t use your phone, you can plant a seed and see it gradually grow into a tree.

However, if you can’t resist, then the tree will be killed. Due to this, Flora will motivate you to stop procrastinating, complete your goals and track your everyday progress. Hmm, need more motivation? Well, you can use money as an incentive by being willing to pay an amount to help plant a real tree on earth.

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To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority

Sorority girls seem to be getting more and more backlash, but why?

To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority,

I buy my friends? Wow. First time I’ve ever gotten that, good one.

Do you feel better now? Was it all you hoped for?

I doubt it.

I’m not the “typical” sorority girl but I’ve also come to the realization that there isn’t a “typical” sorority girl. We are all different and believe it or not we are all just like you. The letters I wear on my chest don’t make me stupid. They don’t make me a bitch. They don’t make me spoiled. They don’t make me an alcoholic. They don’t make me fake. They don’t make me a slut. And they sure as heck don’t make me any better than you.

What my letters made me is better than I was before.

Some sorority stereotypes are inevitable. Yes, I love my Big. Yes, my Littles are my life. I’m guilty of being a master with a glue gun, and I’ll admit that new letter shirts make me giddy as a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

But here’s what you don’t know — before I joined my sorority I couldn’t speak to a group of five people without turning red. Now I help run meetings in front of 45 women. Before, I would never have had the courage to go up to a group of girls and sit with them for lunch. Now I’m actually invited (crazy, I know). Before, I struggled with my grades. Now I have sisters in my major offering help. Before, my resume was empty. Now, it's full of leadership positions and community service hours. Before, I didn’t quite feel accepted. Now, I’m welcomed lovingly into an extremely diverse group. What’s so bad about all of that?

I get it. Sororities aren’t for everyone. I’ll even go as far to say that some of us sorority girls can be a little much. But what’s the point of dissing something that you don’t understand? Next time you’re about to make a cruel stereotypical joke, think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. Instead of making fun of sorority girls, sit down with one and find out why it’s so important to her.


A Proud Sorority Girl

Cover Image Credit: Megan Jones

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There's A Difference Between Healthy And Unhealthy Competition

Competition quickly goes from being healthy to unhealthy when it begins to spark feelings of jealousy and inadequacy.


A little competition is never a hurtful thing. Healthy competition often serves as a motivator and challenges us to reach our goals. However, there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy competition. Competition quickly goes from being healthy to unhealthy when it begins to spark feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. It is important to take a step back and analyze the competition we feel in our daily lives to ensure it is coming from a healthy source rather than something that makes us feel less about ourselves.

I think that the healthiest form of competition is one in which we compete against ourselves. When we challenge ourselves to become a better person every day and set daily goals to achieve our dreams, we are pursuing a healthy form of competition. This form of competition helps us to continuously grow and challenges us to find creative solutions to the problems we face. This competition is healthy because it serves as a motivating factor. We are not focusing on comparing ourselves to the successes of others, and instead, are comparing the person we were yesterday to the one we want to become today.

Competition can easily become unhealthy when we begin comparing ourselves to others. We all have different natural talents and abilities. It is important to recognize that we can't be good at everything. Some people are better writers, while others are more talented in playing instruments. However, this doesn't mean that we don't "measure up." We should never compare our natural talents to those of other people. We must recognize our abilities and celebrate the areas in which we are the most skilled.

Unhealthy competition often leads to a scarcity mindset. When we start comparing ourselves to others, we believe that there is limited success in the world to go around. This scarcity mindset stems from a feeling of fear and inadequacy. It makes us feel that since someone else is experiencing success, our ability to be successful is diminished. There is plenty of success and achievement to go around for everyone to experience. The successes of others do not limit our individual success.

Competition is also unhealthy when it is motivated by seeking attention and validation from outside sources. Many of us constantly compete with others so that our successes can be validated and recognized by outside sources. This mindset impacts our self-worth and serves to lessen our ability to perform and reach our goals. Seeking validation from outside sources is a losing game. Your efforts do not have to be validated by others for you to know that you are worthy.

In my opinion, the unhealthiest form of competition is when it is used to diminish others. Competition is often used to sabotage the successes of others in hopes that we can advance our own personal success. This form of competition leads to unhealthy relationships and an overall unhealthy environment.

It is crucial that we recognize the difference between unhealthy and healthy competition. When used to motivate ourselves and celebrate others, competition can be a healthy thing in our lives. We must learn to use competition in a healthy manner to pursue our goals and help others achieve theirs.

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