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Top 4 Young Artist Around The Nation

My top picks for artists to watch in 2019.

Top 4 Young Artist Around The Nation

A little over a year ago I had written an article on six local musicians ( check the link attached at end of the article) and bands that I thought were perfect to check out in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area. Now I am back to tell you about local bands on the rise all throughout the nation and that is on my top Spotify and iTunes playlists.

1. Meet Me At The Altar

Meet Me At The Altar is a Bouncy Pop Punk based in the states of Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia. The band consists of drummer Adu Jaurez, guitarist/bassist Tea Campbell and lead singer Edith Johnson. This group gives off the late 2000's vibe that any true pop-punk fan could appreciate. You can check out their latest single Tyranny which has over 50,000 streams or their iTunes page in the link below.

2. Khris Kanker

Christian Munoz other known as Khris Kanker actually made the 2018 list with his group Thyla. (Again, see article attached below.) He made the list as a solo artist this time thanks to his new song Lost In Time Featuring Bri Elzebub. The vibe of this music video alone gives the chills and feels like a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other artists that are around the South Jersey Area. If you are a fan of an underground artist then this video is definitely one I would recommend.

3. American Amnesia Band

This band is currently based in Torrington, Connecticut and formed while they were in high school. They got more serious around 2017 and play at local bars to gain more of an audience so make sure to check out their facebook page to see the next show. The band themselves started off as a pure rock band and later down the road incorporated some hip hop into their setlists. If you are into alternative music they are the right choice for you, On August 10th they dropped a new album No Time for Redemption that you can find on Spotify, YouTube, Sound cloud, and a few other platforms.

4. Ta'Lon Rae

Ta'Lon Rae started rapping back in 2014 during his senior year of high school. He is based in New Jersey and is currently promoting his song "Way You Move" His motivation started when his mom was diagnosed with cancer which played a great deal in motivation to start his career. You can catch him on youtube or to get a glimpse into his rap career you can follow him on Instagram at @taylemstew. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh of breath air when it comes to the hip hop and r&b scene.

If you're looking for a few other artists, my previous list from 2018 can be found here.

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