Three John Green Books You Must Read

Three John Green Books You Must Read

Searching for your next read? Look no further than this list.

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Being a reader is one of life's greatest gifts. That being said, finding the right books can help determine how much of a reader you can become. Being the vivid reader that I am, I have reading countless books and have found quite a few favorite authors. From those authors, one author in particular stands out to me: John Green.

If you've never heard of John Green, let me give you a little background. He's written six novels, primarily young adult fiction. His books have been nominated for multiple awards, like "Looking for Alaska" and "The Fault in Our Stars." He's a fantastic writer and his work has impacted many lives, including mine.

So, if you are curious about which book to read next, look no further than this list that contains of John Green's top three best books. We'll start with the third and work our way up.

3. "Turtles All the Way Down"

This book just got recently released and is nothing short of excellent. It takes on the story of a young girl in high school named Aza who goes on a quest throughout the meager city of Indianapolis to seek out a reward for a missing billionaire. Throughout her journey, Aza must deal with crippling anxiety that affects herself and everyone around her.

This book takes a unique perspective on someone with mental illness. It's said that John Green used his own experiences with mental illness to create this character and develop a way to share it with others who don't have a mental illness. At times, it was quite hard to focus on Aza and not feel crazy yourself. However, it makes the reader realize how hard and how much a mentally ill person must feel all the time. Overall, this read will give you a different perspective on the minds of others and the pain they can experience.

2. "Looking for Alaska"

This book is the first novel that John Green wrote and to put it simply: it is brilliant. The characters have spectacular character development. The main character, Miles (also known as "Pudge") transfers from a public school in Florida to a boarding school in Alabama. There he meets the incredibly beautiful Alaska Young, who shakes up his little universe.

Green's ability to interweave emotions and thoughts intimately into the story are what set this book apart from the rest. As Pudge deals with the ups and downs of boarding school and the reality of falling in love with someone you can't have, the story perfectly the captures the angst and wonder and loss of teenage years.

1. "The Fault in Our Stars"

Finally, the best out of all. This novel is in my top 5 favorite books ever. It is by far Green's best work. The story begins with Hazel Grace Lancaster as she sinks into a depression from cancer. Her life is empty and bleak and filled with nothing but the same routine over and over again. You will experience the effects of cancer and the impact it has on a person not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

As the story progresses, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a charming, passionate boy that will alter her life in ways that didn't even seem possible. From their love of the same novel to the never ending talk of existentialism, this book will make you re-evaluate many of your beliefs on life. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this book is and how spectacularly it is written. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it will make you appreciate life around you. It is, no doubt, John Green's masterpiece and will continue to be.

So now that you have got to the end of this list, I hope you have found one book that interests you. Any of the three above would be great reads to add to your collection!

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