As it gets closer to the end of the semester, I know many students will be heading back home and going out to the beach or some other location for a vacation, but being the nerd, I prefer things such as comic books, conventions, video games. I love horror games and making my friends play them. This year quite a few games have come out and set quite the precedence for many people and are getting attention of many. Few of these are personal favorites and I hope others come to enjoy these ones as much as I do.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I loved the Resident Evil franchise for its own brand of survival horror and how it'd provide scares for its characters. Most of the franchise's games were in third person, over-the-shoulder point of view, where as this one is in first person point of view, forcing you the player to be involved with the environment. This game is in VR as well adding to the environmental experience of it. I'd recommend this game hands down to anyone and everyone I know.

2. Outlast/Outlast 2

Outlast I found to be another great first person horror game. Unlike Resident Evil, your character can't fight back against the enemies and can only run, hide, or die. In this game your character is an investigative reporter looking into a deranged asylum testing on their patients. You have to find your way back out of the asylum, running from both psychotic patients and the paranormal. Outlast 2 takes place in a cult's village in South America. You are again, an investigative reporter, but with your wife this time, investigating the mysterious death of a woman not too far from this village. As you learn soon after your helicopter crashes in the mountains, you find out the village consists of derange Christians who kill many people in hopes of killing the Anti-Christ. Unfortunately, they have your wife! So you have to find your wife, free her, then find your way out of the village before they kill you both. This is another game I'd recommend playing 10/10.

3. Stories Untold

This is a game where you have to type out your actions to progress through four stories, piecing together their importance with one another. Each story involves a new type of adventure with different things to interact with and are great because they play on the gamer's individual imagination. The first story involves you going through an abandoned house and understand what it is that went on inside of it. The second story is you testing on an alien artifact and seeing what tools affect it. The third story is you in the freezing mountains, in a military base, communicating with some others stationed in other bases located on the mountains. The final story is the one to connect all of them together and enlighten you on what it is you went through the stories at the start. This game is a lot like "Stranger Things" so fans of the show out there will enjoy this game.

I can only hope that many of you look into these games and see how you feel about them. Also each of these games have a demo so check them out if you want to get a feel of them.