Since it's premiere in 1985, "The Golden Girls" has managed it maintain it's popularity for over 33 years and counting. Like "Sex and the City," millennials love to decide who's who in their friend groups (I'm definitely a Dorothy with a hint of Blanche). There's also hundreds and hundreds of merchandise items, T-shirts, and DVD collections to celebrate your love for "the Golden Girls" — there was even a "Golden Girls" restaurant in New York City (which is sadly, now closed).

Though the best part of "The Golden Girls" wasn't just the girls themselves, it was the incredible writing by Susan Harris (the show's creator) and the writing team as a whole that brought the girls to life. Here are a collection of twenty quotes to use in your everyday life, print one out and stick it on your wall.

1. "I could vomit just looking at you!" - Dorothy

2. "Eat dirt and die, trash" - Blanche

3. "Not for you, nursey nurse nurse nurse!" - Rose

4. "Jealousy is a very ugly thing, Dorothy. And so are you in anything backless!" - Sophia

5. "No, Blanche, she's upset because they keep changing the taste of Coke" - Dorothy

6. D: "Woo! it is really coming down!" R: "What's coming down?"D: "The Liberace marquee at Ceaser's Palace" - Dorothy & Rose

​7. D: "Oh, I'm so nervous. Have you ever given a eulogy?" R: "You mean at a funeral?"D: "No, Rose at a pie eating contest!" - Dorothy & Rose

8. D: "Your kidney?"B: "My kidney"R: "Why would she need a kidney?"D: "TO FEED THE CAT, ROSE!" - Dorothy, Blanche & Rose

"Thank you, you bed hopping relic" - Sophia

10. ​“Isn't it a fact that you have a drawer full of retirement home brochures and you're just waiting for the first sign of dribble on your mother's chin to lock her away forever?” - Rose​

11. B: “Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take a long, hot, steamy bath, with just enough water to barely cover my perky bosoms.” S: “You're only gonna sit in an inch of water?” - Blanche & Sophia

12."If that doesn't fill the void, nothing will" - Dorothy

13. “Jean is a nice person, she happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I'd rather live with a lesbian than a cat. Unless a lesbian sheds that I don't know.” - Sophia

14. "Oh, Rose, please. I don’t even know why fools fall in love.” - Dorothy

15. "Go to sleep, sweetheart. Pray fro brains" - Dorothy

16. "Go hug a landmine" - Dorothy

17. "Stanley, you truly are one chromosome away from being a potato" - Dorothy

18. B: "You no-good, backstabbing Jezebel. I demand you show me that paper!"D: "I'm sorry, flattery doesn't work!" - Dorothy and Blanche

19. "Can you believe that backstabbing slut?" - Rose