Top 15 Underrated Disney Channel Original Movies

15. "Hatching Pete" (2009)

A story line about finding yourself through a dancing chicken is a story line for me

14. "Minute Men" (2008)

Basically Back to the Future circa Justin Bieber hair phase

13. "Pixel Perfect" (2004)

This was the iconic start of girls thinking nerdy boys were hot

12. "Twitches" (2005)

Mixing the world's best TV show, Sister Sister, with the best holiday, Halloween. What more could you ask for?

11. "Quints" (2000)

The main character's choices were the most entertaining part

10. "Zenon" (1999)

This is a classic girl living her futuristic life and dumpster diving for scrap to build a weird doll

9. "Cadet Kelly" (2002)

Hillary Duff's style game in boot camp is better than mine will ever be

8. "Cow Bells" (2006)

Ally and AJ were also featured in my ToothTunes singing "Walking on Sunshine", so this movie had to be on the list

7. "Now You See It" (2005)

The OG David Blayne

6. "Cheetah Girls 3" (2008)

The fact that this movie was filmed in Bollywood is reason enough to be on this list

5. "Smart House" (1999)

Throwback to when people didn't already have women's voices answering your questions in smart household appliances

4. "Life Size" (2000)

Tyra Banks and per-2007 Lindsay Lohan. Enough said

3. "The Thirteenth Year" (1999)

My two favorite things as a child: cute boys and mermaids

2. "The Luck of the Irish" (2001)

Similar Concept to Thirteenth Year, but this uses a Leprechaun as the mythical creature of choice

1. "Eddie’s Million-Dollar Cookout" (2003)

If you took High School Musical's Troy Bolton's story line and replaced him with Zeke's love of cooking instead of Theatre, then switched from basketball to baseball, you'd get Eddie's Million-Dollar Cookout

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