Top 13 Vampires As Compared To Vlad Dracula

Top 13 Vampires As Compared To Vlad Dracula

Which vampires from popular media are most like the king of vampires, Dracula?


Not written in any particular order of best to worst- just 13 notable vamps who remind me of Dracula.

1. Aphrodite LaFont

The Vampiress from the “House of Night” book series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Aphrodite is rich, conniving, and beautiful- all traits displayed by Vlad Dracula.

2. Jasper Hale or any of the Volturi

While Edward stole the spotlight as a main character, the secondary characters tended to be more interesting. These vampires are from the “Twilight” book series ((and I guess the movies?)) by Stephanie Meyer. Jasper is quiet, mysterious, and a soldier. Again, like Dracula. I couldn’t decide between Jasper and the Volturi because they are closer to a person’s knee-jerk reaction when they think of a vampire.

3.Raphael Santiago or Camille Belcourt

The hispanic asexual and french psychopath vampires are from the “Mortal Instrument” books by Cassandra Clare and the “Shadowhunters” TV series. Raphael and Camille were both leaders of the New York Clan. I couldn’t pick between them because Raphael is an excellent leader and is able to pull people right to him whereas Camille reflects the dark insanity and possessive nature of Dracula.

4. Eric Northman or Bill Compton

While making most house-wives nuts, Eric and Bill originate from the “Southern Vampire Mysteries” book series by Charlaine Harris. ((Books because I haven’t seen the show)). Eric is rich, he’s got power and he’s absolutely whipped for Sooki. Whereas with Bill, I hate him, and I hate Dracula, so I thought he worked well as a vampire character.

5. Louis de Pointe de Lac

Louis, AKA Lestat's boyfriend, is the central vampire of the first “Vampire Chronicles” book by Anne Rice. Louis has the same gothic feel as Dracula and the same questioning sexuality too. I didn’t add Lestat because I’ve only read the first book of the series and just from Interview with the Vampire, Lestat seems too unstable emotionally to be like Dracula.

6. Marceline the Vampire Queen

The animated bisexual rockstar comes from the Cartoon Network “Adventure Time“show. Yes, I added a character who isn’t a vampire in the conventional sense. She’s the proper amount of romantic and musical that I think she deserves a spot.

7.The Alpha Vampire or Benny Lafitte

Originating from the notoriously long-running show, "Supernatural," the Alpha and Benny last about as long in the show as anyone not named Winchester. The Alpha Vampire is suave, he’s got power and he makes the primary characters nervous. Whereas Benny does something else entirely that is on par with Dracula himself. Benny makes a character question his loyalties, and he’s protective over that character making them like Mina Harker from the original source material.

8. Jerry Dandridge

This 80's cult classic arguably helps remind people that Vampires are meant to be scary. Jerry, from “Fright Night," both the original 1985 and 2011 remake is terrifying. Like Dracula, he’s seductive and has a male central protagonist. Also, the female character he’s interested in is meant to be the reincarnation of his love from before. So, he’s got a Jonathon and a Mina Harker.

9. Steve Leonard

While technically a different kind of vampire- according to the lore of the story, he plays a major role in the “Saga of Darren Shan” aka the “Cirque Du Freak” series by Darren O’Shaughnessy. Steve is ruthless, violent and absolutely bloodthirsty. I suppose he’s more of a Renfield character in how he’s a pawn for the central antagonist, but he’s close enough.

10. Vlad Tod

A born half-vampire, Vlad is the main character from the “Chronicles of Vladimir Tod” by Zac Brewer. While his personality is completely different from Dracula- in terms of power and influence I would say they are on equal footings.

11. Count Orlok

The freaky black and white movie “Nosferatu” is known to anyone- at least they recognize the picture of Orlok hunting the main female lead. Considering he was pretty much made because the film studio couldn’t get the rights to Vlad Dracula, it wouldn’t make much sense not to include him. Even if he is considerably less pretty then most Dracula’s or most vampires in general.

12. Kurt Barlow

The rarely seen Barlow, from “‘Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King, is not like most vampires in fiction today. The book, not the short story or the film because I have only read the full-length book. Barlow reminds me of Dracula in how he’s able to keep people under his sway – both with his supernatural abilities and with money.

13. Rudolph Sackville-Bagg

Arguably one of the best vampires, Rudolph is the Little Vampire of the "Little Vampire" film- yes, the Disney movie. Why have I added a vampire child to a list of vampires meant to reflect Dracula’s traits? Because he has one thing I don’t often see with vampires. Rudolph appears to be Romani, or at least from an area similar to Romania/Transylvania which, of course, is Dracula’s home.

*This list doesn’t involve Bram Stoker’s Vlad Dracula because he IS the Vampire of all Vampires, so it doesn’t seem fair. However, all these vampires are being added in terms of how similar I think they are to Dracula.

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