There are so many thing that I love in my life, and here are the following..

1) My house

Because I love where I live and I have my own space which I love.

2) My friends

We always have a great time together when we are hanging out.

3) My family

Even know they make me mad sometimes, they are still my family and still have to get along with them.

4) My boyfriend

Because he always know how to make me happy which is what I love about him and that he loves me for who I am. He always know how to put me in such a great mood.

5) My Phone

Because I can text, call people, take pictures and go on my social media from Facebook, and Twitter, to Snap-Chat and Instagram.

6) My computer

Because I can use my computer for other things like doing school work, going online shopping and using it to do other fun stuff.

7) My bed

My bed is the most comfortable thing in the world; and when I'm upset and mad about something I just lay in my bed and think about it and that a person why I love my bed.

8) Listening to music

I love to listen to music when I'm upset, mad, in the shower or just in general. It always put me in such a great mood.

9) Food

I love food, like pizza, mac and cheese, steak, strawberries, tacos, some Italian food and ice cream.

10) sports

I like watching sports but the only sport I like to watch is watching hockey, I like to play pond hockey. I love playing softball, beach volleyball, and even normal volleyball.

11) I like watching the food network channel

Seeing all of the different shows, foods and where most of the shows are location wise, but my favorite show to watch on the Food Network channel is Chopped, but watching this channel always makes me want to eat food.