Top 11 Aesthetically Pleasing NFL Teams
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Top 11 Aesthetically Pleasing NFL Teams

Spandex on Fleek.

Top 11 Aesthetically Pleasing NFL Teams

Disclaimer: I don't know much at all about the rules of football itself. Baseball is and forever will be my heart and soul. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so needless to say I'm not used to losing. I can always plan on my October and November being full of baseball and endless excitement because of that. Yet when this past NLDS didn't go as well, I turned to football as a distraction from the pain. The game itself has never interested me, but I finally found one thing that does: the uniforms and overall aesthetic of the teams. Regardless of how the team plays or who their fans are, if the team has gross colors *cough Green Bay* I'm out. So here are some of my favorite teams:

11. Atlanta Falcons

There's no doubt about it: The Falcons mean business. The red and black colors can be construed as harsh and intimidating, but isn't that the point of football? I couldn't take a team seriously if their whole team was based off of something friendly and fun. (i.e. Miami Dolphins).

10. Cincinnati Bengals

Those stripes, though. They embody their mascot so well. The only reason they're number 10 on the list is because orange is kind of a gross color.

9. Buffalo Bills

Can we just talk about how clever the Buffalo Bills are in general for their name? Not to mention the fact that they have a patriotic bison (so what if they didn't get the exact taxonomy) charging on the side of their helmet. Stay classy, Buffalo.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Purple and gold could so easily be the cheesiest color combination on this earth, but the Vikings make it majestic. Also the horns on the newly designed 2015 uniforms are excellent to say the least.

7. New England Patriots

Honestly, I just like their color scheme and the fact that their team name is the Patriots. It's clear, it's clean, it's patriotic. Well done, New England.

6. Carolina Panthers

Surprisingly, the Panthers have a lot of aesthetically pleasing elements aside from the man beauty of Cam Newton. Their colors could so easily be obnoxious and overwhelming, but the electric blue serves to do just that - electrify their presence on the field. Also, that panther is fierce.

5. New Orleans Saints

There are few symbols on this earth that are classier than the fleur de lis. Not only does it exude pure class, it is one of the oldest symbols of the trinity. This is fitting given that they are after all the Saints, yet it holds meaning that is near and dear to many. Not to mention, the contrast of black and gold is a class combination.

4. Indianapolis Colts

Blue and white is a simple yet clean and inviting color combination. The horseshoe gives off a rustic yet refined vibe that will never grow old. Keep it up, Indianapolis.

3. St. Louis Rams

Before you start judging, just know that I do not condone the mustardy gold color of the jersey. I will always be a fan of the pure gold helmets. But the incorporation of the mascot throughout the uniform, particularly in the helmet, makes that design my favorite helmet that has ever existed in the NFL.

Isn't this so much better?

2. San Francisco 49ers

Their colors are bold, yet not overwhelming and cheesy. Their logo is not overly embellished, yet not so simple that I can't take them seriously *cough Cleveland Browns cough Pittsburgh Steelers*. Really, what more is there to say?

1. Dallas Cowboys

And now we've made it to my favorite team: the Dallas Cowboys. Their colors are very understated, which I appreciate from a team. While bold colors can be very alluring, they can also be borderline obnoxious. The Cowboys keep it classy not only with their colors, but with their logo as well. A single star represents the glorious state of Texas and everyone's hopes and dreams along with it. What more can you really ask for?

So there you have it. The gap between non-football lovers and the rest of the United States is finally bridged. Let the celebrations of world peace commence.

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