Top 10 Underrated Ed Sheeran Songs
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Top 10 Underrated Ed Sheeran Songs

You could be missing out on some iconic tracks.

Top 10 Underrated Ed Sheeran Songs

We've all heard songs such as "A-Team," "Sing," and "Don't." However, there are quite a few gems hidden in the depths of Ed Sheeran's albums that go overlooked if one is not too careful. He also re-released five of his previous EPs that were originally promoted before he became so popular. With Sheeran choosing to take a year off from music and social media, we have to get our fill where we can! Although many fans may have heard some of the tracks on the list, there are a few that you may have never heard before. Take a look and check out the links posted to give them a listen!

1. "Sunburn"

Released as a bonus track on his first album, "+," "Sunburn" pulls at the heartstrings. It may be a tad more popular than most songs on this list, but it definitely isn't getting all of the attention that it deserves. Melancholic and light, this song relies entirely on vocals and a single guitar to emphasize it's heartbreaking influence. Cue all of the tears.

Listen to it here.

2. "Runaway"

This track is quite different from the others on this list. "Runaway" is pretty uptempo, with a backtrack, drum kit, and guitars supporting Sheeran's vocals. It was released on his album "x." The song tells the tale of a broken family, while simultaneously using its catchy rhythm to embed the tune into your brain. It's impossible not to fall in love and become addicted to this song. Yes, it is meant to make you fall even further in love with Sheeran. We already know that it succeeded.

Listen to it here.

3. "Be Like You"

"Be Like You" was originally released Sheeran's "You Need Me" EP and it's a shame that it hasn't received more attention. He is definitely fond of the "one acoustic guitar" sound and with a voice like his, can you blame him? A little quirky and sad, Sheeran's lyrical talent comes out full force in this track. It's clear that he was intending to break as many hearts as possible with this song.

Listen to it here.

4. "Little Lady (feat. Mikill Pane)"

Now, this song is just brilliant. Sheeran released a series of collaborations on his EP "No. 5 Collaborations Project" and this one takes the cake. Using the original workings of "A-team," Sheeran and Mikill Pane create an entirely new story from what you thought that the song was about. Somehow this re-worked version of the song has more emotion and depth than the original.

Listen to it here.

5. "Homeless"

A bit more upbeat, "Homeless" is from Sheeran's "Loose Change" EP. Quick wording and double word meanings are the ironwork of this track and it places it as a contender for one of Sheeran's best lyrical creations. Could you leave us room for something other than incomprehensible feelings? We can only take so much!

Listen to it here.

6. "Make It Rain"

Created for the popular show "Sons of Anarchy," "Make It Rain" is the type of song that transcends time. A throwback to the guitar driven music form the '60s, this track captures all of the chaos and turmoil of the show, while also sustaining itself as an incredible track. Well done, 10 points to Gryffindor!

Listen to it here.

7. "One Night"

Also from the "Loose Change" EP, "One Night" is the quintessential Sheeran song. With his signature beat backtrack and guitar, the song transitions from a smooth chorus to fast-paced lyrics. While there is an odd collection of rhythms, he manages to pull together "One Night" into a gorgeous arrangement. It also earns an A+ for putting an emphasis on a human being's self worth. All that we want is to get through this list without any tears!

Listen to it here.

8. "Wake Me Up"

Released on "+," "Wake Me Up" is a master piece. Forget everything that you know about songwriters, songwriting, or music, because this is how it should be done. Blatantly raw, with only a piano behind him, Sheeran creates an entire relationship in one song, using the most basic of situations. Relatable and heart-wrenching, I have yet to come across a song that puts love into such understandable and light terms. Is it raining in here? Oh no, those are just my tears.

Listen to it here.

9. "She"

Released on the EP "Songs I Wrote with Amy," "She" does not sound like most of Sheeran's music. Created with Amy Wadge, who also helped co-write "Thinking Out Loud," "She" is simply an easy listen. Usually if a song is easy to listen to, it means that it isn't making you feel enough. It's just something to entertain yourself with. However, "She" just happens to have an ease to it that puts you automatically into a calm mood. This is the type of track that you put on after getting your first cup of coffee on the weekend.

Listen to it here.

10. "Cold Coffee"

Also from "Songs I Wrote with Amy," "Cold Coffee" manages to slot itself into the "post-weekend-coffee" category as well. The track elicits the tenuous chords of a delicate relationship. It's a relationship that has either just begun, or that is so full of love that the owner fears it may shatter from sheer heart alone. Yes, that's right, Ed Sheeran is officially trying to kill us all with his absolutely brilliant musical talent and lyrical prowess.

Listen to it here.

Honestly, Sheeran is one of the best song writers in our generation. I have never come across an artist who can put a story together so eloquently in a song, subsequently crushing a thousand hearts and causing an overwhelming amount of emotions. Well, I'm going to go drown my feelings in comfort food and Sheeran's music. If you're planning on listening to any of his music on repeat, I would suggest that you do the same.

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