Top 10 Typical Gifts For Your Lady
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Top 10 Typical Gifts For Your Lady

A gift to your lady

Top 10 Typical Gifts For Your Lady

Men often forget the meaning of Christmas, indeed it means spending that special day with that special women you truly adore. However, it also means gifts, gifts, and more gifts for her. This is the season for giving and it's time to give it up. Christmas brings joy to the world so why not celebrate with gifts under the tree, dinner, and an experience that she will never forget. The question is where do you start? What will make your woman fall in love? Men sometimes live under the tradition of the usual gifts that may never get old to some women. It's the thoughts that count right? How much thought did you put into the gifts that every other man is giving there woman. Let's start with number one:

1. Jewelry

When men give a woman the gift of jewelry, such as ring, necklace, or even a bracelet it often is a sign of commitment. He is ready to take the next step which may mean that he is looking for long term relationship. Could this really mean that he is seriously ready to be your one and true love?

2. Wine

If she is a drinker she is a thinker. Which means she may be very hard to shop for. You may not know what her thoughts are on a gifts so instead you buy her a bottle of wine and call it a day. A wine can be a classy gift and also tasteful with different flavor. The flavor must be the perfect flavor for her so when you do shop for the ordinary gift make sure the taste is to her liking.


As a man flowers seem like the right thing to give to brighten up her day. There are many different kinds of flowers that may identify your lady's personality. Flowers can characterize as new love, cheerfulness, sympathy, strength, and passion. If your going to get her flowers make sure the meaning of the flowers are what your truly mean of her.

4. Mani Pedis

Women think of a manicure and pedicure as a time of peace, relaxation, and a massage. If your lady work long hours this will would do the trick, don't you think? A nice spa day or a few hour break! Just to make sure your feet and nails look good. While planning her a little spa day book yourself an appointment she would enjoy the company.

5. Fragrant shower gel and body wash

We all like to smell good. Of course men would love for their woman to smell good. Meanwhile, you are shopping for a gift of scent, the scent should not be too strong, light, or horrible. You want something that will make more of a natural smell that you will enjoy as well as she will.

6. Shoes

Have you ever heard that saying, "You buy your lady some shoes she will walk out your life"? Well if she does it's probably because you didn't get the right shoes. Shopping for shoes for women is hard just make sure the shoes are stylish and fashionable so that she may always be reminded on what she is missing. A good pair of shoes will keep your lady nice and steady for as long as you will continue to love and care for her.

7. Purse

A purse is a very difficult subject to touch on, mainly because you must know your woman's preference for a handbag. Does she like big, small, color, and features. You wouldn't believe how much that extra zipper makes a big difference.

8. Clothes

Clothes are a very touchy matter to a women because you don't want to get her something too big, small, or hideous. The perfect clothing material should be something you may have seen her eye the other day in the store, or the outfit she saw online. Where ever you chose to shop for her clothes make sure it comes with a return just in case she wants it to trade.

9. Gift cards

How could you go wrong with a gift card? Unless it's at a store she never shops. Gifts cards are used daily. The budget on the gift cards makes a difference. Although, gift cards may be the go to gift think wisely on where she would go.

10. Trips

Even though a trip is a temporary vacation it's also a great adventure. When planing a trip men chose a place where they would like to be happy. Stop and think what trip would make her happy, even ask her. What better way to surprise her then to take her on a trip to a place she has been dying to go.

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