Top 10 things to do while on summer break

As finals have ended, summer break has begun. However, it's tempting to sit around at home and watch Netflix all day. So I decided I should come up with a list of things to do during summer break.

1. Take summer classes

Behind on credits or want to get a head start? Summer classes are a great way to keep your mind going and busy for summer.

2. Get a job or internship

Need some cash? Or some experience in your field of interest? Summer jobs and internships are great for students and help future careers.

3. Shadow someone in your field of interest

Just like summer jobs and internship, shadowing someone is great because students can more an idea of what they want in the future.

4. Go to the pool

The pool is a great way to kick back and relax, so take some time out of your busy schedule and refresh your self at your local pool.

5. Read a book

I used to read a lot of and now since I'm so busy it's hard to find time for it. However, like me, try to make some time this summer to read a book or something not on your phone.

6. Go out with friends

Just remember to be safe!

7. Spend time with family

Since your home, take some time to spend with your family. Give your parents or someone a hug. Family is important

8. Take a vacation

Get away from reality for a bit and take an adventure someplace new

9. Play with your pets

Play with pets as much as possible. Love them unconditionally

10. Make memories

Live your summer days as if there's no tomorrow

Moreover, summer is one of those moments when you blink, you end up missing it. Enjoy each day and remember to have fun and recharge yourself before going back to school in the fall!

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