Top 10 Reasons Why Southern Girls Do it Better
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Top 10 Reasons Why Southern Girls Do it Better

Top 10 Reasons Why Southern Girls Do it Better

We're classy enough to take home to your Momma, sassy enough to hold our own, and independent enough to take on the world.  

Southern girls get a bad rep sometimes, but that's usually due to jealousy from those that aren't blessed with our Southern roots.  Here are the Top 10 Reasons why y'all want to be us: 

10. Our Accents: Y’all. Let me just start off by asking: What guy's heart doesn’t melt when they hear a girl with a Southern drawl say, "Y’all"? If you disagree, just think back to the 2005 rendition of Dukes of Hazard. It would be an injustice not to remind you of the world's foremost southern goddess: Daisy Duke. Needless to say, when it comes to charm Southern Belle's have a tendency to make men go crazy on an international scale. 

9. Our Drive: Disproving the Stereotype. While occasionally our drawls allow us to charm our way into the direction of success, other times we just have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. The great thing about a true southern woman is that she isn't some china doll. Southern women breaks through the domestic stereotype with their Louisville slugger, wits, persuasive smile and dedication to succeed. 

8. Our Revenge: "I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, Slashed a hole in all four tires. " It isn't just a figure of speech, it’s a harsh reality.When I say it's unwise to double cross a girl from below the Mason Dixon Line, I mean it. Girls that have been born and raised with south roots are hot-blooded through and through. We know how to fend for ourselves and we know exactly how to enact the perfect revenge. Suitors be warned: southern girls have the capability to be harsher than your very first swig of whiskey. 

7. Our Loved Ones: You should probably sleep with one eye open. Subscribing to the phrase, "If with THEM... then you mess with ME"... from our sorority sisters to our childhood playmates: a southern woman's love for her friends and family is fierce. Overflowing with undeniable loyalty, you might as well just call us the Lions of the South, as our dedication towards the pride is unquestionable. Through the good times and the bad, you name the occasion and we are there in a heartbeat. Be it a bridal shower, family BBQ, school play, or even your favorite fraternity's annual beer olympics: we're always there and your biggest cheerleaders every single time. 

6. Our Charm: Pretty Girl SWAG. Maybe it's in the way she walks, or perhaps it's in the way she talks. Either way you slice it, girls in the South are just over pouring with confidence. It's only fitting that a group of Lions is called a pride due to their 'stately manner'. While women around the world are fantastic and gorgeous in each of their varying elements, there's nothing quite as charming as a southern peach. While we're easy to spot year-round, if you specifically want to find us at UGA, we're most comfortable sporting a classic red sundress and cowboy boots. 

5. Our Manners: "Yes ma'am, No sir." I'm sure we've all encountered what we sometimes take for granted known as southern hospitality. Raised in a hemisphere where RESPECT isn't just an Aretha Franklin song, we emulate this virtue towards all we encounter. A true southerner knows the importance of one's reputation and acknowledge this when interacting with our elders, friends, and especially strangers. How we carry ourselves transpires into how we present ourselves to others.  The phrases, "Yes ma’am", "Pardon",  "Yes sir", and "Please, and thank you" are staples in our speech.  If you don’t get that, then you're honestly not from "around these parts". Although we'll be polite towards your face in the back of our minds we'll be constantly wondering how any society deems you as acceptable. 

4. Our Tradition: Tradition over EVERYTHING. The South unjustly receives the connotation that it’s stuck in the past, but that’s only because we value our traditions. Celebrating women that are truly southern, does not mean we are ignorant - we are actually quite progressive. Although we may occasionally wear patterned sun dresses and brew sweet tea that is better than sunshine,  you would be a fool to say that we don't work hard for what we want. Refusing to be stuck in the 50's mentality, southern women are blessed in that we confront society with eloquence and poise. 

3. Our Talents: Beauty and Brains. Although we embrace the idea of equality in the sexes... at certain times I feel as though we’re  a bit smarter than men. We may be sweet to our core but we’re just as manipulative. It’s a fact.  Our feminine prowess is challenged constantly, encountering decisive decisions at both home and work. We just don’t flaunt our superiority, like men flaunt their manhood. We know how to play the game and we know how to play it well. When to the sexes, essentially all actions boil down towards the action of manipulation. With each side exhibiting strength, men stereotypically are the weaker in this virtue. When a woman wants something, she can ask for it through either an outright request or subtle convincing. Planting a thought in a man's mind is something we most likely learned from our Momma’s. It's not always easy to convince them that our idea was really 'theirs' all along.  

2. Our Life Style: Southern Belle, Raisin Hell. No fun was had if there wasn't a little 'hell raising' in the process.  For goodness sake, what other type of girl do you know that celebrates mud? Both outdoorsy and polite, we take mud and make it into one of the most anticipated consequences of rain- mud bogging, four wheel riding, and dirt road cruising to name a few. Having invented the most ludicrous ways of having fun - we're innovate to say the least. Aside from the great outdoors, there's other elements of that solidify our reputation as the best women around. Among many things, perhaps it's some of our abilities to drink most guys under the table while simultaneously looking classy beyond belief, our ability to charm every member of your extended family, or maybe even our fearlessness on the dance floor: either way if you're with a Southern Belle expect both the best and the worst. 

1. Our Values: Our faith. From the Metropolitan Atlanta to the Southern most regions of Georgia, it seems as though everyone believes in something. Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Atheist or whatever, the South has tons of religious diversity. While Americans may not be diverse along broader religious categories, in the South while there is a ton of Christianity, there is also a fair amount of diversity. Overall, within the United States we are an outstanding country as we have done an unusually good job of dealing with every type of diversity. Religion (or even lack there of) no what matter what we believe in, helps to contribute to our the betterment of our surrounding community and the fulfillment of our souls. Our communities are built around the teachings of most major perspective, thus to all you readers, bless your heart. 

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