Top 10 Reasons Living In The South Is The Absolute Best
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Top 10 Reasons Living In The South Is The Absolute Best

Well, bless your heart.

Top 10 Reasons Living In The South Is The Absolute Best

I have always lived in South Carolina and I could no imagine it any other way. Everything about the South is just the best, well everything except the heat but all the other amazing things make up for it.

1. Southern Hospitality: This is my favorite thing about living in the south. Sure there are plenty of places that have very nice people but it is not quite like the south. We have truck loads of them, I actually don't know which is sweeter, our sweet tea or the people that live here. It doesn't matter if you are a stranger, everyone will speak to you as if they've known you forever.

2. Sweet Tea: We have just the right amount of diabetes and its like crack. Maybe this is why everyone is so nice and happy all the time because they are so jacked up on a sugar high from the sweet tea. I am a waitress and if you come in and tell me you want iced tea 9/10 I'll bring you sweet tea. If you do not drink sweet tea I begin to question everything in life because I mean who doesn't love sweet tea?!

3. Accents that sound like silk: Anything a southerner says just sounds like butter. You can even be rude and it wouldn't be anywhere nearly as bad because it's just something about our accents that just charms you.

4. God: In the south religion is everything. Going to Church every Sunday is a very common thing. We live by the Bible and encourage all other to do the same. However ,if you chose not to we will love you just the same.

5. Food: From the fried chicken to the green beans and biscuits, everything here is made with love and tastes amazing. Like seriously, Paula Dean was right, butter does make everything better. Oh and gravy, gravy made the right way with some biscuits.... Makes you want to slap your momma, they're so good.

6. Country Boys: It's like God spent a little extra time on some country boys. Their momma raised them to treat people with respect. When they are working all day with those tight jeans, it's just a great sight to see.

7. Country Girls: We are made with tons of sugar (from the great tea), spice and everything nice. We know how to treat people with the most respect. We can clean up when it is the right time but would most of the time prefer to just be in shorts and a t-shirt.

8. Family Values: We raise our kids to say yes ma'am and no ma'am, yes sir and no sir, please and thank you. Holding the door is something that is just a habit.

9. The History: The history in the South is truly amazing and you never realize how close things are to where you live. When I was in the 8th grade, I had to do a project on different places in my hometown but I never realized how many of them played a big role for things in South Carolina and in the south period.

10. Everything is Monogramed: Everything girls have is monogramed and we are not one bit sorry. Some people think it's way too much but we think it's perfect. Hey, at least well never lose anything.

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