1. You sometimes have to wait hours in between classes.

I have a three and a half hour long break between my classes, and while it does give you time to do homework, it is hard to concentrate in public areas of the school.

 2. You have to hold out on taking midday naps. 

Since you don't have a dorm to go back to, that afternoon lull can make you feel like you really need a red bull. You're only hope is knowing someone on campus who will let you crash on the couch for a few hours.

 3. Gas Money

I drive over 60 miles a day when I have class. Let me tell you, living in an area where gas is expensive sure hits your wallet, even though I only have in person classes twice a week.

 4. You have no idea where anything is. 

Do I know anything outside of Hawkins hall, and the Liberal Arts Building? Newell Hall? Never heard of her. I just recently found where the Starbucks is, and its November.

 5. You feel like you are missing out on the 'real college experience'. 

Now here is the interesting ting, I went away my freshman year, so I know the experience. I miss hanging out in my friends dorms all night, and having so many friends to sit with at lunch. It makes you feel a little isolated from others.

 6. How much time you spend commuting.

It takes usually an hour to an hour and a half for me to get to, and from school. If I were a student who had to be on campus every day that would be between 10-15 hours a week. While others are hanging out, or doing homework you are trying to merge onto the highway.

 7. Office hours, or group projects. 

If you commute, there is a good chance you have other responsibilities such as work as well. You probably have carefully planned your schedule around commuting and class time. When your group want to meet, or when a professor has really odd office hours, this can prevent you for going.

 8. Tolls! Freakin' Tolls! 

Most people on the East Coast have probably heard of an E-ZPass. That little prepaid toll thing takes almost ten dollars from me every day I go to school. However, it is either take the toll roads, or have another forty five minutes, and several miles added to my trip.

 9. You may feel like you have a limited friend group. 

Other then friends I went to high school with, and our amazing Towson University Odyssey team, I really have not made any friendships here, like I did when I dormed.

 10. You feel a great sense of F.O.M.O when seeing fun campus events. 

I miss these things, but due to the lack of friendships made, and the travel distance they just don't seem worth it to you.