Top 10 Best NHL Mascots
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Top 10 Best NHL Mascots

My team's made the list, did yours?

Top 10 Best NHL Mascots

If you don't know, I love all things hockey, including the mascots. For Christmas this year, I received a plush mascot of my favorite team which sparked my interest in mascots around the league. So after hours of research, I have created a list of the best mascots in the NHL.

Honorable Mentions:

Al the Octopus - Detroit Red Wings

The only reason Al did not officially make the list is due to the fact that Al is not a costume but a symbol that gets raised into the rafters during the duration of the playoffs. The octopus became a symbol for Detroit in 1952 when Pete and Jerry Cusimano threw a real octopus onto the ice.

Youppi! - Montreal Canadians

Youppi! was originally the mascot of the Montreal Expos but was adopted by the Canadians when the Expos left Montreal. Youppi! became the first mascot to switch leagues in major league sports history. He was also the first mascot to be thrown out of a major league baseball game. While many people see Youppi! as a hockey staple, Canadians fans think they would be better off if Youppi! left with the Expos in 2004.

10. Harvey the Hound - Calgary Flames

While Harvey may not be the best-looking mascot, he was the first mascot in the NHL. He gets bonus points for having his tongue ripped out by Edmonton Oilers head coach, Craig MacTavish, after taunting them. The incident led to my favorite NHL joke. For the 2003 All-Star game, many mascots showed up with tongues hanging out of their mouths similarly to that of Harvey.

9. Sparky the Dragon - New York Islanders

One of my personal favorite mascots is Sparky. Sparky was originally the mascot for both the Islanders and the New York Dragons Arena Football team. However, the football team dissolved in 2009 leaving Sparky to only represent the Islanders. Sparky's tail is shaped like a hockey stick making him even cooler.

8. N.J. Devil - New Jersey Devils

N.J. Devil obviously plays into the myth of the Jersey Devil, the legendary creature that is said to live in southern New Jersey. Props to New Jersey for creating a Devil character that is both fierce and friendly. Too bad they couldn't come up with a more creative name.

7. Gnash - Nashville Predators

Gnash was first introduced in 1998 and given the name Gnash as a pun on his hometown's name. The mascot was selected after a partial skeleton of a saber-tooth cat was unearthed in downtown Nashville. While the NHL is riddled with predators serving as mascots, Gnash pulls it off like none other.

6. Slapshot - Washington Capitals

Slapshot was introduced in November of 1995 and embodies everything that is the Washington Capitals. The Bald Eagle is obviously a tribute to out nation's bird and his name incorporates some hockey terminology. To make Slapshot even cooler, he is often joined by his own posse, Hat Trick and Air Slapshot.

5. S.J. Sharkie - San Jose Sharks

While S.J. Sharkie lacks a creative name, he certainly does not lack recognition. S.J. Sharkie is most known for a rappelling incident that left him hanging above the ice during the pre-game festivities of a 1999 game vs the Red Wings. S.J. Sharkie has more than made up for his incident by making an appearance on the Daily Show and being named "The Most Awesome Mascot" by Cartoon Network.

4. Mick E. Moose - Winnipeg Jets

Mick E. Moose was introduced to Winnipeg in 1996 as the Mascot for both the AHL and IHL team, The Manitoba Moose. When Winnipeg was brought back into the NHL with the Jest, they recalled Mick E. Moose as their mascot due to his prominence in their hockey community for the last 15 years. They suited Mick E. Moose up with some aviation gear making him a perfect representation for the Winnipeg Jets.

3. Bailey - Los Angeles Kings

Fans around the league claim Baily to be one of the best mascots in the NHL.Bailey is very interactive at the games and on twitter. In 2013, he started a feud with Blackhawk's fan and WWE superstar, CM Punk. Bailey wears the number 72 because that is the average temperature in LA. One of the things that makes Bailey so great is that he was named in honor of Garnet Bailey who served as the Director of Pro Scouting for the Kings and was killed in 9/11.

2. Fin - Vancouver Canucks

Fin is a fun-loving Orca that is unlike any other mascot because he can blow steam from his blowhole. He is also known for "chomping" the heads of his fans. Fin also plays the position of the goaltender which is rare in a mascot. Fin also starred in a series of animated shorts produced Slap Happy Cartoons. Fin is a really special mascot, but he still plays homage to the team's logo and the presence of the orca in British Columbia coast.

1. Wild Wing - Anaheim Ducks

Wild Wing is almost unanimously known as the best mascot in the NHL. Wild Wing has done so many things right that he is the obvious choice for the top spot. He is known to be the first mascot to rappel down to the ice from the rafters and to drive an ATV through a ring of fire. Wild Wing was established in 1994 along with the inception of the Anaheim team. Wild Wing's appearance is a throwback to when Anaheim was known as the Mighty Ducks. However, Wild Wing's most notable feat was starring in his own Saturday morning cartoon show where he led a hockey team that doubled as superheroes.

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