The 10 Most Badass Disney Princesses
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The 10 Most Badass Disney Princesses

We could learn a thing or two from these princesses

The 10 Most Badass Disney Princesses
Jamie Leroy

Some princesses are stereotyped as pretty, rich girls, who never get off their butts and they have everything done for them, but not these princesses. Here are 10 Disney princesses that are completely badass and have something that we could learn from them.

1. Mulan

Mulan showed her courage through taking her father's spot in the war and becoming a soldier to honor her family. She is indeed badass because she did what she did for the love of her father because he was sick. We do crazy things for the ones we love and that's what makes us brave. Sometimes we have to break the rules just as Mulan did to get things done and bring honor to the ones we love.

2. Merida

Merida showed that there should have been gender equality through her era of time. She wanted to show that even though she was a princess, she could do anything her heart desired. She had no romantic interest and disliked her family because they pushed her to be like everyone else. She wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd. She didn't need a man to help her know who she really was. It's always important to stand out in our own ways so we can simply be who we are because each one of us is a unique individual.

3. Moana

Moana, Disney's newest princess, decided to go against her family to save her family and the village people. She saw what she wanted and she went for it. She crossed barriers and learned how to stand up for herself. She told Maui that she demanded he teach her how to sail her boat. After some struggles, she did not give up. She kept pushing forward so she could restore her villages island and save them all. Sometimes we have to cross barriers and learn how to do things on our own to get things done the way we want them done.

4. Pocahontas

Pocahontas stood up for what she believed in and did not let anyone make choices for her. As she was forced to marry a man of her tribe, she quickly turned away from him and took a chance to get to know the new people on their land. She had an open mind about learning from these new people and getting to know one very well and falling in love with him. Often, we all have morals and believe in something but we don't stand up for ourselves. We have to learn to speak up for what we believe in and let our voices be heard. We must paint with all the colors of the wind rather than just one.

5. Jasmine

In the Disney movie, "Aladdin" Jasmine claims that she "is not a prize to be won" Jasmine is outspoken and knows how to tell people how it is. She is honest but knows how to be kind as well. Jasmine won't take crap from anyone. She has shown how to be an independent woman that knows how to just simply be who she is and not act differently for anyone. Normally we all claim we are honest but do we really tell people how it is? We must learn how to tell people what we believe and stand strong.

6. Rapunzel

Rapunzel simply uses her hair as a weapon for most of the movie. Tell me that's not badass! She fights off the bad guys and it helps get her to of some rough situations. Mother Gothel cuts it off towards the end but it doesn't phase Rapunzel. She keeps on going. She never gives up. Sometimes even though there may be a setback we cannot give up and just let go of everything we ever wanted. We must choose to fight on and keep on pushing no matter what.

7. Belle

Belle is a woman of her books. She enjoys reading and helping her father rather than getting caught up in love. When her father gets caught up in the castle and kidnapped by the beast, she decides to take his place and be the prisoner for him instead. Now that's true love! During her time in the castle she is terrified of the beast and grows to hate him. But after getting to know The Beast, she falls in love with him and learns who he really is. She doesn't care about his looks, she only wants what's in his heart. This is true for life as well. After we stop judging someone and actually get to know them, they grow on us and we learn to love them so deeply for who they are instead of what they look like.

8. Ariel

Ariel is super cool not only because she is a mermaid and the ONLY Disney princess who is a mermaid, but she saves a prince's life and risks her own to do so. She also not only sacrifices her voice for a pair of feet but she fights off the wicked sea witch, Ursula for her one love, Prince Eric. Ariel risks it all for her one true love. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something we value to be able to get something else for someone else. Sometimes we must look past what we want and see what others need.

9. Tiana

Tiana has a dream and goes for it. She does not let anyone get in the way. She sees it right in front of her face and makes her dream a reality. She wants to start her own business and although she is a frog for most of the move, she doesn't let that stop her from wanting her dream. Although by the end of the movie her dream changes, she still aims for a dream regardless. She may have opened her restaurant like she planned, but she wanted to be with her prince charming. We also must find our dream and make it a reality. We cannot just stand back and wait for it to happen. We must shoot for the stars and head for the dreams of the future regardless if our dream may change or not.

10. Cinderella

Despite the bullying that Cinderella is thrown, she is always filled with kindness. She doesn't let her bullies stand in the way of her dreams. She knows who she is and she never once becomes someone who she isn't. She stays true to herself and in the end, she gets the grand prize that everyone is fighting for even though she doesn't even try. We too can learn from her. Regardless of how much someone may put you down, mistreat you, hate you, you must stay true to you.

Just remember to be as courageous as Mulan, as brave as Merida, as adventurous as Moana, as open minded as Pocahontas, as honest as Jasmine, as knowledgeable as Belle, as self-sacrificing as Ariel, as fearless as Tiana, and as kind as Cinderella.

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