Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow At Fairfield U
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Student Life

Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow At Fairfield U

If you want to be inspired, look around you.

Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow At Fairfield U

As human beings, we motivate ourselves based on our surroundings. It’s the people we see daily that inspire us in terms of music, fashion, places to visit, food to eat, sports, etc. Here are 10 Fairfield University Instagram accounts of current students that will influence you in one way or another. Make sure to follow them!

1. Erin Fleming


Rising senior and Fairfield Dance Fusion captain Erin Fleming shows you how to go from a city to college girl, and back again. You'll find a trendy mix of travel, food and fashion. She shows off fun and cute ways to vacation whether it be in the heat or snow. You'll definitely get ideas for how to still look good while fighting off the humidity or frostbite. The pictures of food she posts will make your mouth water. You'll definitely want to try them whether it be in your dorm room or the restaurants in NYC, Italy or Cali. For me, the biggest inspiration is her fashion, ranging from clothes to hair and make up. You'll find a variety of styles that can be worn on campus or around New York City. Check her out to find more ideas, including themed events!

2. Kelley Oliveira


Kelley Oliveira, rising senior and Wounded Warrior Member, is not your typical girly girl and her posts prove it. She shows off how to be a sporty, skater chic while still being cute and girly. Her singing and dancing videos will capture your attention and will most likely leave you wanting to watch more. Her love for sports keeps her followers updated on seasons and encourages you to go outside instead of staying in on your computer or phone. Her posts will even give you creative ideas on how to work out and will motivate you to stay fit. Since she is a Pura Vida ambassador, you'll find different beautiful pieces of jewelry as well as how to wear them. If you want a whole different perspective then I strongly recommend following her!

3. Greg Tchertchian


If you're looking for good music then follow Greg. He's the Fairfield DJ and his posts show all of the different events he has played and attended. They'll show you where to go at Fairfield. This rising junior has played popular social occasions like Clam Jam, formals and crowded day drinks. Apart from things at Fairfield, his posts will show what music events are worth going to, ranging from Selena Gomez concerts to music festivals. If you want to keep yourself posted on what's going on in terms of music both at Fairfield and globally than he's your go to.

4. Nicole Lambi


Nicole Lambi is a rising senior who is full of creative captions and cute picture ideas. The Fairfield Dance Fusion captain always posts selfies or pictures with friends and/or family that are worth attempting to imitate. What I mean by this is that we are always wondering what captions to insert or what type of cute pictures to take. By following her you'll find inspirations for picture styles with friends and family, as well as clever captions. Another element Nicole has in her pictures is her sense of style. You'll find that she always looks put together and very fashionable whether it's to go to a party, pumpkin picking or baseball game. Her account is worth taking a peek at if you're into fashion. Other than having those qualities, her pictures will make you want to go on vacations or simply spend time with friends and family.

5. Brendan Hunt


Brendan Hunt is a rising junior who is very involved with events on campus. His posts will show you what's going on whether there's something on the freshman Quad, Fairfield Beach or the townhouses. You'll find that his posts have qualities that will increase your school spirit, as well as your want to participate in all of the different fun things. You'll find pictures ranging from NSL preparations to Sham Jam. It's a balance of what Fairfield has to offer. There are even gorgeous pictures of different places to go in Italy if you're studying abroad. His account literally has it all! If you're ever curious about what's going on around campus or need a reminder on why Fairfield is so great, then you'll probably end up scrolling through his pictures.

6. Katie Kocaj


There are so many famous saying about how beautiful the simplicities in life are. Katie Kocaj, rising Junior, brings all of those millions of sayings to life in her pictures. You'll find yourself scrolling down her account gazing at a bunch of beautiful, yet simple pictures. It doesn't matter whether it's of a view, her friends or even her feet; there's a certain quality to them that catches the eye. Her pictures inspire her followers to live life freely and happily. Stop and look at everything around you. Her pictures will show off familiar sights, as well as new places to take a car ride to not far from campus. You'll even find entirely new places to try around Connecticut or New York. She somehow accomplishes to mix crazy, free, simple and peaceful all into one account.

7. Ashley Martinez


There's always that one person you follow that uploads adorable pictures. It could be with their significant other, best friends or even of food. Ashley Martinez is one of those people. Many people love taking cute pictures without making them look too posed or cheesy. If you need inspiration then follow her. You'll find that even the pictures taken with her boyfriend are cute and not overdone. For those couples who put up obnoxious pictures with each other 24/7, learn from her! The food she posts looks absolutely delicious and will make you want to go to those restaurants ASAP. Her style is equally on that level, but you'll want to go to the clothing stores instead of the restaurants. Overall, this rising sophomore's account is cute all around.

8. Jafet Rivera


Jafet Rivera is a rising sophomore on the Fairfield soccer team. His obvious love for sports are reflected throughout his Instagram posts. Many times you'll come across a boy's account and find that they constantly post about one specific sport. Jafet is quite the opposite. You can find out about different sports events that have happened just by scrolling down his account. You'll find basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. That's not all though. You'll also see different places the world has to offer. We all look forward to traveling at some point in our lives. This could be with family, friends or with your school. Jafet shows all of those different places and inspires followers to go out and see the world.

9. Wally Decker


There's always that one familiar face you always run into. That familiar face also is usually wearing a smile and doing something crazy. Wally Decker, rising senior, definitely fits those qualities for many people. His pictures highlight them. Scrolling down Wally's pictures will put a smile on your face whether it's due to his creativity or hilarious personality. It'll inspire you to go out and be yourself. It'll show you how to have fun at Fairfield, whether it be on campus or abroad. His pictures are definitely not the typical posed pictures or candids.They truly catch the person in his/her element. That person could be Wally, himself, or one of his friends. If you want to have a good time and need ideas on how to accomplish it then I recommend following him. In fact, even follow him if you just need to smile or laugh.

10. Nicole Porter


Nicole Porter's account demonstrates multiple forms of art like fashion, dance and photography. This rising sophomore is a brand rep and ambassador for a variety of fashion stores and her pictures demonstrate that sense of style. Her pictures that surround dance will make you want to try different poses. In terms of her photography, there are no words to explain what differentiates it from other pictures posted on Instagram. Once you follow her, you will understand. Her pictures appear to use multiple techniques that are taught in a photography class. For example, she doesn't put the subject in the center of the photograph. To understand what I'm pointing at, follow her! Her pictures will give you entirely new ideas on what to post or how to capture a moment or subject instead of just focusing the camera and clicking.

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