The Top 10 Adele Songs Of All Time
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The Top 10 Adele Songs Of All Time

The definitive ranking of top songs by Adele.

The Top 10 Adele Songs Of All Time
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10. Daydreamer

Off of Adele's first album, this song has a much happier tone than many of her songs. This is why, of my favorite Adele songs, it is my least favorite. I'm a sucker for the heartache. That being said, this song captures a different side of falling in love than her other songs. From the acoustic guitar to the way her voice glides through the notes of the song, this song has all the makings of a good song.

9. River Lea

This song might not rank very high on the list, but it had some tough competitors. There is something so strong about this song, and I'm not just talking about the vocals. This song has such a different sound than the typical heart-wrenching belt of Adele's but it has a fun and more soulful sound than most Adele songs.

8. All I Ask

There is something haunting about this song. It combines a sentiment that echoes Carol King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." This is the type of belting song that isn't quite a song about love and it's not quite about lost love, yet. This song captures a rather specific type of love.

7. Right as Rain

This jazzier tune off of Adele's first album makes the list because of the juxtaposition of jazzy upbeat melody and the lyrics that showcase someone done with love.

6. Don't You Remember

This song captures heartbreak in all of its essence. This is definitely on that playlist of songs you put on just because you need some good crying music. There is almost a begging to these lyrics. Personally, if I heard Adele beg "Don't you remember the reason you loved me before? Baby please love me once more" I would definitely remember. Much like her lyrics always do, this song captures something totally relatable and heartbreaking that is so powerful because it seems so real.

5. Water Under the Bridge

This song is a lot more upbeat than what I usually think of when I think Adele. Like most of her songs, Adele just owns who she is and owns her love life. When she sings this song, I feel like I could be saying similar sentiments.

4. Remedy

This song has a beautiful melody, haunting piano music, and the best of Adele vocals. I love the sense of calm she has in this song.

3. When We Were Young

This song might be new but from the first time I heard the single, it was stuck in my head. Whether this song is about a past lover or an old friend, there's this sense of nostalgia that I adore. "It was just like a movie/ It was just like a song/ my god this reminds me of when we were young" are lyrics I think anyone over the age of eighteen can relate to. While I'd still call myself young, I think there's a sense of yearning for the past, the desire to reminisce, captured here that I enjoy.

2. Chasing Pavements

This was the song that sparked my love for Adele. It is the song I never skip if it comes on shuffle. The low notes of the verse give way to closer to the typical Adele belt that we all know and love during the chorus. While this song really showcases her talent as a singer, I think the melody and lyrics mixing together is why I love this song. It's a little bit more simple than some newer songs of hers. The questioning of this song, "should I give or should I keep chasing pavements" captures a feeling that's so utterly relatable. We've most likely all had that moment. That question doesn't get answered in this song, and I love that. This song doesn't resolve the problem it presents, it simply captures that questioning that we all go through in love and life.

1. Someone Like You

I will argue with anyone who doesn't like this song. This song in raw and relatable and captures a feeling that I think most people feel in their lifetime. There is a sense of missing someone and still loving someone, but also accepting that it's over. There is a truth captured when she sings "sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead" that will never stop being true. On top of the lyrics of this song, it is the best because of how well it showcases her voice. Adele can belt but she can also croon.

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