Have you ever thought about getting a grill? I certainly haven't, but apparently many people have, hence the creation of tooth polish. I know that a grill can be pretty pricey, so if it was something you were looking into this could be a great alternative. Plus with all of the colors, you can create a different look each day. Mixing and matching is recommended and even encouraged.

This tooth polish only takes a few seconds to apply and to remove, so it really isn't any more of a commitment than your makeup for the day it. Apparently, it even lasts up to 24 hours as well. Tooth polish was developed by dentists so it is completely safe for you to use. The polish even lasts through eating and it has no taste which is nice. I watched a video of Manny MUA trying the toothpolish and he seemed to like the product, his only complaint being that food tended to get stuck between the teeth with the product on them.

To apply the product, simply paint it on your teeth where you want it and leave your mouth open while it dries. Usually, the product retails for $18 but they are currently on sale for $13. If you're looking to try something new and different now is the time! I haven't really seen this around on Instagram or anywhere, but who knows, it could be the next big thing to blow up. I can see the value in this product for editorial makeup and celebrities, but for the everyday individual, I'm not so sure where this would fit into my makeup routine. What do you think? Could you see yourself ever using a product like this?