Too Much Branding Is Making Fashion Ugly - Here's Why
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To The Girl Who Brands Herself With A Gucci Bag, Congrats On Becoming A Walking Ad

When our wardrobe is covered in logos we lose our sense of style - AND our sense of self.

To The Girl Who Brands Herself With A Gucci Bag, Congrats On Becoming A Walking Ad

Being into fashionable things isn't limited to Instagram models and "Project Runway" aficionados. I myself don't spend much time following fashion trends, but I still like to feel fashion-forward when acquiring new items.

Though lately, as a sideline observer of fashion, I've seen an overwhelming majority of high-fashion items emblazoned with the logo and branding of clothing companies. Whether it's a shirt, a purse or even a pair of sandals, our wardrobe seems to be covered in the company's branding and has no real sense of style beyond being recognizable.

To be honest, it's starting to make me feel like we're all merely walking advertisements. From Prada to Gucci to Fendi, we're all walking around with brands labeling our worth. What's worse? We're PAYING to be walking advertisements.

Think of it like this: we're the consumer, what we like drives what we buy. If a brand learns that all we really like is the status associated with a particular brand logo, then what's to stop them from using us as free marketing tools? Kind of nothing.

If you're an avid consumer of any particular brand when it comes to clothing, have you ever stopped to think about why you actually like it? What's the real difference between a Nike hoodie and a hoodie from Old Navy? I'm not saying the argument can't be made for quality, but still, you can't deny the staggering price difference between a hoodie with a giant swoosh on it and a hoodie with no major branding.

It would be unfair to pretend this is some sort of new trend because let's be honest, Louis Vuitton has been capitalizing on the power of the logo for decades when it comes to their handbags. I myself always felt like the classic brown and beige LV purse was kind of ugly, but if you want me to be honest... I really, really want one. Shallow? Sure, but I think it speaks to a larger problem, our obsession with having the "it" brand.

I don't want anyone to get the impression I'm walking around sticking my nose up at major fashion brands who plaster their logos onto their merchandise. Hell, I'm probably more guilty than you are. If you saw the number of items in my drawer with PINK prominently featured, you might feel a little sick.

I guess what I'm really looking for from you dear reader, is to band together with me and attempt to challenge these brands. You can still love their quality and the sense of satisfaction you get from knowing you worked hard to acquire something pricey and fancy, but maybe don't be so quick to buy something because you want people to notice you can have it too.

Also, let's see how brands react when we buy the items that don't turn us into walking ads for their brand. Let's buy the LV bag that's a solid color (girl, you know it's still fly AF) instead of the one that pushes their logo down our throats. Basically, let's make fashion fashionable again.

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