Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 Tony Nominations

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 Tony Nominations

Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammys step aside. It’s time for the Tony Awards.

Theater nerds, like myself, wait patiently all year for the Tony Awards, an awards ceremony for everything Broadway. This past Tuesday, May 1, the nominations for the 2018 Tony Awards were released and I am prepared to give you a full break down of the biggest categories.

There are four new musicals up for Best Musical. The first musical is The Band’s Visit which tells the story of a group of Egyptian musicians who find themselves in a remote Israeli town. The locals take them in for the night allowing for their lives to impact one another bringing life to a once bland town. The Band’s Visit has 10 other nominations including Best Performance by an Actor and Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical.

The remaining three shows nominated for Best Musical have more recognizable names: Frozen, Mean Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Both Mean Girls and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical have twelve nominations, leading the race, while Frozen is trailing behind with only three.

The next category is Best Play which has five nominated shows including The Children by Lucy Kirkwood, Farinelli and The King by Claire van Kampen, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two by Jack Thorne, Junk by Ayad Akhtar, and Latin History for Morons by John Leguizamo.

The Children by Lucy Kirkwood is a new play following two retired nuclear engineers who leave the busy life due to a devastating series of events occurring in the world. After an old friend shows up at their door, they are shocked to find out her true intentions behind her visit.

Farinelli and The King by Claire van Kampen tells the story of the Spanish King Philippe V who hires the singer Farinelli to help him cope with his insomnia. When the king begins to be captivated, Farinelli must make the decision between his keeping his career or staying alone with his king.

Coming from London there is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two by Jack Thorne which is a continuation of the beloved Harry Potter series following Harry’s son Albus Potter as he journeys through Hogwarts. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is leading in nominations with 10.

Junk by Ayad Akhtar retells the story of a financier Robert Merkin fights to take over an iconic American manufacturing company showing how money becomes the only thing that mattered. Finally, Latin History for Morons by John Leguizamo, starring John himself, is a story about a father searching for a Latin hero for his son’s school project after discovering the absence of Latinos in his son’s American History Class.

There were only three musical revivals this season allowing My Fair Lady, Once On This Island, and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel to all leave with nominations for Best Revival of a Musical. My Fair Lady story concerns Eliza Doolittle who is a flower girl that takes voice lessons from a phonetician to become more of a lady.

Once On This Island, a favorite of the season, tells the story of two lover torn apart due to their difference in social class and the four gods of the island guide one of the lovers through a test of love against prejudice and hate to reunite the two lovers.

Lastly, Carousel follows Billy Bigelow and his love Julie Jordan. Their love results in the loss of both of their jobs, forcing Billy to participate in a robbery to provide for his lover and unborn child, and he is given the chance to make things right after the robbery goes tragically wrong. Carousel is the play with the most nominations totaling up to 11.

Best Revival of a Play is the last big category for the Tony Awards that has five nominations: Angels in America, Edward Albee's Three Tall Women, Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh, Lobby Hero, and Travesties. Angels in America, first released in 1991, tells the story of people of all different backgrounds battling through both the AIDS crisis and the Reaganite politics of 1980s America.

Angels in America has gotten 11 Tony nominations, the most nominations a play has ever received. Three Tall Women first show was in 1991 as well and uncovers the life of three women of different ages discussing their lives, gradually it is revealed that they may all be the same woman. In 1946, The Iceman Cometh is a play which a desperate denial is the biggest problem with suicide and murder shown as a reasonable choice for people who truly see the world as it is.

Lobby Hero originally premiered in 2001 and is now starring popular actors Michael Cera and Chris Evans. The story concerns a young security guard with strong ambitions as he clashes with his stern boss, an intense rookie cop and her unpredictable partner during a murder investigation as their personal and professional personas are put to the test and find themselves at odds.

Travesties, original production in 1974, focuses on Henry Carr as he reminisces about his time in Zürich during World War 1, following his interactions with Tristan Tzara during the rise of Dada, James Joyce while he wrote Ulysses and Lenin leading toward Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution.

To view the rest of the nominations, you can find them on The Tony Awards are set to air on June 10 at 8pm EST. From a fellow theater nerd to you, keep singing your heart out and dancing like nobody’s watching.
Cover Image Credit: Max Conrad

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What Your Hogwarts House Says About You

Get yourself sorted and find out where you belong in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Sorting at Hogwarts is a big deal. Being sorted into a house is essentially being placed into a family while you are away from home learning about witchcraft and wizardry. Your house is made up of the people you will live with, go to classes with, play Quidditch with and everything in between. You basically spend 24/7 with them. Your Hogwarts house is your home away from home.

When you get sorted into a house, it is based on your personality traits. The people in your house are typically like-minded people who display the same characteristics as you.

When you’re a first year at Hogwarts, the minute you set foot in the castle you are swept into the Great Hall to have the ancient Sorting Hat placed on your head. This Sorting Hat decides which “family” you’ll be spending your seven years with.

For some, it is very obvious which house they will be in, due to certain personality traits they possess. For others, they may exemplify traits that fit a multitude of houses and are uncertain where they may end up.

To find out where you belong, you can take the official "Harry Potter" Sorting Hat quiz at For all you muggles out there, these are the characteristics that the houses possess and what your house says about you:

Gryffindor: The house of the brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and chivalrous. Those who stand up for others are typically Gryffindors. Brave-hearted is the most well-known Gryffindor characteristic, and Gryffindors are also known for having a lot of nerve.

Gryffindors are people who hold a multitude of qualities alongside the ones listed, making them a very well-rounded house. People who are Gryffindors are often people who could fit nicely into another house but choose to tell the sorting hat they want Gryffindor (there's that bravery). "Do what is right" is the motto Gryffindors go by.

Being a Gryffindor means that you're probably the adventurous and courageous friend, and you are usually known for doing what is right.

Ravenclaw: The house is known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness and knowledge. Those who value brains over brawn can be found here. Ravenclaws often tend to be quite quirky as well. "Do what is wise" is the motto they strive to follow.

Though Ravenclaws can be know-it-alls sometimes, they most likely do know what the wisest decision is.

If you are known for being the quirky friend, the smartest in the group or just great at making wise decisions, you're definitely a Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuff: This house values hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. Hufflepuff’s are known for being just and true. "Do what is nice" is their motto.

Hufflepuff is known as the “nice house” and believes strongly in sparing peoples feelings and being kind. This is not to say that Hufflepuffs aren't smart or courageous. Hufflepuffs just enjoy making others happy and tend to be more patient towards people.

If you ever find that you are too nice for your own good and cannot bear to hurt someone’s feelings, congratulations, you are a Hufflepuff.

Slytherin: This is the house of the cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. Slytherin's love to be in charge and crave leadership. "Do what is necessary" is the motto of this house.

Slytherin is a fairly well-rounded house, similar to the other houses. They are loyal to those that are loyal to them just as Gryffindors are and are intelligent as Ravenclaws.

Slytherin house as a whole is not evil, despite how many dark wizards come out of this house. That is merely based on the choices of those wizards (so if your friend is a Slytherin, don’t judge, it doesn’t mean they are mean people). Slytherins do, however, have a tendency to be arrogant or prideful. This is most likely due to the fact that everyone in Slytherin is exceedingly proud to be there.

What Hogwarts house you’re in says a lot about the person you are, the traits you possess and how you may act in some situations. But in the end, your house is really just your home that is always there for you. Always.

Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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Picking Passion Over Pressure Is The Answer To A Fulfillng Life

Don't crack under pressure, flourish with passion.


What motivates your actions? The answer to this critical question can determine whether or not you are living a fulfilling life. Many of us follow a social script as if we are reading lines from a play. We succumb to the influence of those around us and roam aimlessly in the direction of the masses.

The concept of living within the confinement of certain "norms" is an expectation society calls us to uphold, and it is not an entirely negative idea. But when life becomes "a series of motions to go through", this expectation can become problematic. When you find yourself stressed out about doing whatever it is you think that you have to do, stop and ask yourself if it makes you truly happy. Are you pursuing your passion or are you just performing under pressure? To find true contentment in your life, pick passion over pressure.

Be an individual before an identity.

When people first introduce themselves to a new friend or group of people, they are quick to jump to aspects of their life that compose their identity. Many of us define ourselves by what it is we do, and not necessarily who we actually are. For example, this can include identifying as a member of a club or sports team or even defining yourself based on accolades and accomplishments you have achieved. While these are definitely adequate ways to distinguish yourself from others, have you ever stopped to look beneath the surface? It is important to know what unique qualities make you an individual and not just a part of a larger entity.

By viewing yourself as an individual, you will find your passions in life more easily and find genuine enjoyment in all that you do. Taking on an identity will only hold you under unnecessary pressure to fulfill a role that could leave you feeling unsatisfied later on.

Become self-aware.

To find out what makes you truly happy, you need to establish a clear sense of who you are. Fostering self-awareness is a journey, and it can be discovered through life experiences. In order to figure out what you love doing, push yourself out of your comfort zone to figure out what you don't love doing. This can mean joining a new club, taking a challenging class, or working in an environment that you are unfamiliar with. Once you begin to discover how you react in certain situations, use these personality traits to your advantage.

Don't make the same mistake twice, and avoid taking on a position that you know would not be compatible with your lifestyle. By becoming self-aware, you will discover your passion more easily and will be able to take on realistic opportunities that will prove to be fulfilling. When you try to become someone you are not, it will seem like there is always a lingering pressure to "keep up the act", and it will be harder to accomplish tasks because you don't truly enjoy doing them.

View outside opinions with a filtered lens.

Don't let others dictate your future. When you make life decisions based on what other people think is best for you, you will be pleasing everyone except yourself. Consciously decide whose opinions are valid, meaningful, and constructive to your life. This can include the wisdom of close friends and relatives, professors, or a boss that has known you for years. By finding out who knows you best and who truly desires the best for your life, you can tune out the background noise and hone in on the few voices that actually do matter.

Place value in what these people have to say, and take the words of others with a grain of salt. Avoid letting irrelevant or negative opinions linger in your mind. If you allow the influence of others to infiltrate your decision making, you will find yourself in many regrettable situations and unsatisfied with the outcome of your choices. By subscribing to the helpful advice shared by those closest to you, you can foster your true passion.

Practice positive thinking. 

You can't find out what makes you happy in life without actually experiencing what happiness is. To discover your passion, adopt a positive mindset. Get out of the habit of mentally putting yourself down, and take the word "can't" out of your thought process. The more mental blocks you put on yourself, the less likely you are to have good experiences. Release your inhibitions and train your brain seek positivity in any situation.

Don't allow minor inconveniences to disturb you, and remind yourself of the saying that "it is only a bad day, not a bad life." In doing so, the positive choices you make will lead you in the direction of your passion so that you can live a fulfilling life.

Be open to new ideas. 

Keeping an open mind will allow you to experience life from a new perspective. Even when something seems foreboding, treat it as a lesson. If you cannot think of a positive quality for the situation you find yourself in, then don't assign your circumstances any qualities at all. If you keep a neutral mindset, you will eliminate the possibility for disappointment. This will encourage learning and growth, which are essential in your journey to finding your true passion.

Being open to new ideas will help you avoid sticking to the status quo. By taking part in something you have never done before, you are less likely to find yourself confined by what others expect you to do.

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