Tomorrow Is Never Promised, So Live Today

"Regrets collect like old friends." This is an open letter to anyone not living life like you're going to die tomorrow. You have to understand that you have no control over when you die. So tomorrow is not always an option.

You go to bed at night thinking of the things you want or intend to do the next day, but what if you do not wake tomorrow?

The next day isn't always promised. So why do you keep putting off your dreams and wants for "tomorrow" on repeat?

I know that you have a list of things that you would like to do. Adventures that you and your best friend dreamt up at 3 am. Dreams you would like to accomplish. Crazy memories that you want to create, so you can share later. There are legacies and challenges that you want to leave behind. Yet you keep setting them on an endless loop of "I will do it later" and allowing them to rust.

You are not promised tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Or Next Year. So do it today.

*cue "This is The Day" by The The*

Accomplish a goal today, don't wait until later. Because later will be too late. Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Spread love like it's the air you breathe. Conquer your fears like there is no chance of you dying. Go on adventures and create bundles of inside jokes and memories. Tell that cute brown-eyed boy that you wanna go on a date. Do something bold and out of character. Wear the outfit, that you were unsure about. Do what you want without regrets.

There isn't always a tomorrow or later for everyone. We are all going to die anyway, only our timelines are set up differently. You only regret the chances that you didn't take and you only miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. So do it. Do it while you're young because once you're older, you will be wishing that you took advantage of your youth. Enjoy life and leave behind YOUR legacy. How do you want to be remembered? As the one who WANTED to do things? Or the one that ACCOMPLISHED and TRIED many things? BE THE YOU, YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF!

Do not allow your regrets to collect like old friends! Treat tomorrow like it isn't an option and live for today.

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