Tomi Lahren: An Active Leader Is A Valued Leader

Dear Tomi,

I have watched plenty of your shows, ranging from your first time on air with One America News Network to your more recent position on The Blaze. Personally, I am not a fan of your work. Judging by the petition signed by tens of thousands of people who want to cut your show, I am one of many. However, with the petition thrown out, it is clear to see that not you nor your producers care. You do not know me, and it is probably a good thing. I am a girl who you would definitely not like. For starters, I am a 20-year-old, Black female, who works hard for her spot in the lowest tax bracket. I grew up with a single mother and a handful of siblings; other known by you as a broken family. I am attending college basically free with the help of the government. I’ve had close experiences with food stamps and Medicaid. In school, I was on free and reduced lunches. I stand with Water Protectors as well as Black Lives Matter advocates. I support Native Americans for who they are and their beliefs. I am pro-choice, with a stipulation on months regarding the woman who is carrying the baby. I actively support the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. And for the cherry on top, Tomi, I am a Christian Ministry major. You have openly stressed your distaste with a few, if not most, of the qualities I have listed.The difference between the people you tear down on your shows and me, is that I have a voice.

You might not have outwardly attacked me, but you definitely attacked what I stand for. Let me guess, you’re labeling me a Liberal right now. For growing up in a conservative area, I can promise you I have opinions on both sides. In fact, I would rather not play the ‘right side, left side’ game. I am a human being who has opinions, don’t label me.

Tomi, your shows have gained a large spread of attention in the past year. Your final thoughts have made an impact on thousands of people's lives, negatively and positively. Your sharp voice has not only stabbed the soul of some by affirming the thoughts of others. When I watch your shows, I immediately get offended whether I agree with you or not. Your sarcastic tone, blatant stare, and vivid word choice have made your arguments distasteful and stressful for the viewers. With such a massive following, you should use your position to empower people, not piss them off. If you agree with one thing, do not try and prove your point by tearing down the other. Instead, show the facts on your side and promote your opinions. With so much negativity in this world, you are the last thing this nation needs when it comes to people to look up to.

Take Colin Kaepernick for example. You spent a long week trashing his name and what he stands for. Although I agree, he shouldn’t have disrespected the flag, he also advocated for a great cause. Instead of wallowing in the hate from people around him, he took action. He has kept his word and supported his beliefs.

Tomi, it would be beneficial to stop going with the flow and start providing your audience with solid support. If water protectors have it all wrong, then please take a trip to Flint Michigan and help them out for a bit. If Blacks are too busy living off the government for food and drugs, then get out there and converse with a few. If Black Lives Matter is a branch of the Klu-Klux-Klan then provide evidence on the massive execution BLM has done. If protesters are a bunch of ‘whiny-crybabies’ then what does that make you? You sit comfortably in your studio and nag about the events taking place but spend little effort to diminish the problem. Instead, you add to the problem. Don’t take a stance on an event that is happening on the other side of your fence. If you have an opinion, try and see it the other way first. An active leader is a valued leader. I personally believe you could be a great leader in this nation if you approach it the right way.
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