My "Final Thoughts" On Tomi Lahren
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My "Final Thoughts" On Tomi Lahren

Angry liberal snowflakes unite

My "Final Thoughts" On Tomi Lahren
The Odyssey

Hello, your friendly neighborhood feminist coming back at you. I've been away for a few weeks but my angry liberal snowflake ass has returned and ready to spit some truth.

You may be wondering who/what drove me back to write a good old fashioned rant post. And the answer to that is Tomi Lahren. I've hated this woman since I first heard her screaming on my computer, but I've never been able to write an article about her because she's just too damn much.

ICYMI, it was International Women's Day early this week, and unsurprisingly Tomi wasn't happy about it. She took to her talk show and explained why:

WHAT? Okay Tomi, you've officially flabbergasted me enough that I'm going to give you my own final thoughts on your take on IWD and "real women".

"I didn't wake up feeling like the victimhood narrative was part of my story"

Well like it or not, this narrative is part of your story, as it is part of every woman's. This "victimhood", also known as "suffragist movement" is the reason you're here today. The hard work and drive of the women before us is the reason that your bleached blonde ass got to go to college and have your own news broadcast.

"Real women don't have to remind the world every single day that history once slightest us,"

Once? You say that like women aren't being slighted today. Is your head that far up your ass that you refuse to acknowledge that we're still the "second sex"? News flash genius: international women's day remembers the past, but also discusses present issues and how to improve the future.

"Real women don't wake up and skip work to march for abortions and paid contraceptives. While women in other parts of the world don't have basic human rights."

I'm sorry, was this "international women's day" or "pro-choice" day? Reproductive rights are only one small piece of the pie honey. Also, the women who are priviledgedenough to take a day off work do so for the women that can't because they need the money. . And furthermore, INTERNATIONAL women's day means we are also marching for those women who don't have basic rights. But if you're so concerned about them, why don't you stop yelling behind a screen and do something about it?

"Real women understand that true equality doesn't mean special treatment,

Thank you Tomi, for explaining the definition of feminism. I didn't realize equal rights meant "special treatment", or maybe you don't understand it because you can't see past your own privileges. Maybe you get paid as much as men in your field, maybe you can afford birth control and don't need welfare but not everyone is you.

I don't know about a day without women, but I could use a day without this nasty feminist BS masquerading as women's rights,"

Apparently you've only heard the one-sided version of Feminism, the white feminism that Taylor Swift and Amy Schumer live and breathe. Sure, that's absolutely problematic, but women's rights are rights for all. If you're going to whine and scream about "not all Republicans", then stop basing all of your thoughts on feminism on a few crazy tweets and Madonna saying she would blow up the White House (because that's not feminism, that's just being psychotic).

“Yeah some challenges might be a little greater for some women but let me tell ya — it feels a whole hell of a lot better to overcome those challenges than it does to dwell on them, complain about them or use them as an excuse to fall short.”

That's rich coming from a successful, attractive white woman. What challenges did you have, what did you have to overcome? Stop trying to tell everyone what a "real woman" is when you're basing it off what you believe. There isn't a list of qualifications to be a real woman, and if you don't meet certain societal standards it doesn't make you a fake woman. You say you're a woman, then you're a goddamn real woman. Wealth, skin color, genitalia, sexuality, or beliefs don't define how much of a woman you are. I am a real woman, the "nasty women" you hate so much are real woman, and you and all of your conservative friends are real women too.

“You feminists can keep your race card, your victim card, your woman card and your ‘F Trump’ signs; I’ll keep my dignity, my self-respect, my work ethic and the values my mother and my father raised me with.

You keep your elitist attitude, your racist and sexist bullshit, your ignorance, and your pretentious definition of what a "real woman" is; I'll keep my tolerance, my intelligence, and my dignity.

One of the worst parts of being a feminist is knowing I am working to protect the rights of people like you Tomi. I hate everything you stand for but I still respect you (deep down somewhere) and I'll still defend your right to be able to continue to shout at me through my computer.

Those are my final thoughts, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. From Odyssey, Happy International Women's Day and take care.

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