Tomi Fredrick and the Worst Week of Her Life

I sat there looking at my parents like they were insane.

"What do you mean that you are getting a divorce? You guys are the most perfect couple I have ever met in my entire life!" I started shaking with rage. How dare the universe break apart a beautiful couple. How dare they rip apart my entire world right before my eyes, all because my mother decides that she made a too institutional of a mistake?!

"Tomi, we have both been thinking about this for awhile," my mother started, "honey, you need to understand that not every relationship is perfect. That there are circumstances where people get married for all of the wrong reasons."

"Are you saying that you got married because I was a wrong decision?" My anger started bubbling to the surface and I wanted to do was scream and rage until it was all gone.

"No honey, your mother did not mean it like that," my father reached for my hand.

I snatched my hand away, "Well it sure does seem like that." I was disgusted with the both of them. How could they be so selfish? Did they not realize that I still needed them? That they had a daughter to think about?

My parents did not even look hurt about this situation. They looked like they just told me that we were going on vacation to Antarctica. "I have to go to school." I got up and started to walk towards the stairs. I stopped and felt like I had to say this because it was the only way for them to know how angry I was about this, "At least now I can have every child's dream: Two Christmases."

My mother sat there mouth agape and my father had a hard line across his face. I am glad that it stung them. I want them to hurt the way that I am hurting. I want them to know that I do not approve of this. The only way for this to be better is for my mother was to get over herself and suck it up. The real world does not involve flower crowns, peace signs, and pot-smoking happiness.

I stopped down the stairs and slammed the door shut. Making my anger known throughout the house. I jammed my keys into my car, blasted the stereo and pulled out of the driveway so fast that I managed to burn rubber. The normal twenty-minute and thirty-two second commute to school in the matter seven minutes and two seconds. Needless to say, I was pissed.

I strutted myself into school, my anger made me feel like I was the Queen of the World. I felt like if some freshman would get in my way I would eat them alive. Everyone could feel my aura seething off of me, it kept everyone away and I was glad.

I was at my locker when my best friend in the entire world (for now) came up to me, "So what makes you the bitch queen today?" Her eyebrow was up, "Did someone not use the correct there, their, or they're?"

"No, Regan." I rolled my eyes, "You know the usual things: tests to study for, college admissions tests, parents getting a divorce." I closed my locker door, "you know the usual."

"YOU SAID WHAT, NOW!?" Regan yelled as she chased me down the hall.

Until next time!

- Tomi Fredrick

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