Tomi Fredrick and the Worst Week of Her Life

"What?" I stood there completely baffled. I looked at my manager like she just grew three heads and was speaking rapid Russian at me.

"You heard me, Tom, due to the stealing and the misprinted logs. You are the only person who had access to them and the tip showed where you were hiding the clothes. You need to hand in your keys and you will be paid for this week's wages on Friday." Beth looked upset like she really did not want to fire me but she had to. She was the MANAGER and owner of the store. She could not let this happen in her own store.

"Why don't you believe me when I tell you that I did not steal from the store? I am telling you that I did not and you know me. Why would I steal?" I was getting angry because I knew that it could never have been me because I know where I have been. And I got paid enough here to know that I did not have to steal.

"Tom, I need you to leave before it gets worse. You are lucky I am not going to press charges. I know you and that is why I am not going to."

I could not believe how horrible this week was going so far. Honestly, what is going on up there where someone has to have a vendetta against me? I bet it was Great Aunt Lillian, she never forgave me for peeing in her pool when I was six. Stupid Great Aunt Lillian.

I went to my locker and started taking all of my things out, handed my keys and name tag to Beth and walked to the main store. Conrad was sitting behind the register and smirked at me. I used all of my effort to not go over and slap that smirk right off of his face. "Too bad. Looks like a position just opened up for someone who actually is qualified."

I swear that he was the one who was stealing it. I cannot believe that this was happening. I went directly home. I did not care that my parents were home or not. I did not care about anything at all because I lost two of the most important things to me; my parents and my job. This week could not get any worse and I just want something to go right at least once. I just need to calm down because it was just a job. It wasn't something that was life or death. It was just something that I knew I had to quit once college started. I slowly started to calm down. Breathing slowly and not thinking. I just hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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