Dear Los Angeles Chargers, Follow These Steps and Tom Brady Is Yours
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Dear Los Angeles Chargers, Follow These Steps and Tom Brady Is Yours

It is clear that the Brady, Belichick era in New England might have seen its final days, but Brady wants to continue on, if he is not playing in Foxborough next year, all signs point to Brady wearing Navy and Gold next year in Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles Chargers, Follow These Steps and Tom Brady Is Yours

After giving a tearful interview following their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 17, it seems that free-agent to be, Phillip Rivers has played his last game, if not forever, then in a Chargers uniform. Many rumors, mainly by NBC´s Chris Collinsworth, have swirled that restricted free agent, Tom Brady (yes that one) would come to finish the last few years of his career as a bridge quarterback to the next signal-caller for the Chargers. If that´s the case, then the Chargers want to show Brady off while they have him, then there are some things they need to do in order to make this dream into a reality.

Drat or Sign Offensive Line Help


Tom Brady may have found the fountain of youth, the man is about to be 43 and is still playing at an elite level, but his legs were never on that same level. This year in New England, it was clear that a lackluster offensive line, along with other things, was a main factor in the Patriots struggles in 2019, which culminated in a Wild Card round loss to the Tennessee Titans. According to pro-football focus, the Los Angeles Chargers had the 29th ranked offensive line in the NFL, it is clear that Tom Brady won't be an effective quarterback if he doesn't have an effective offensive line supporting him. This season, Brady spent as much time on the turf as he did in the pocket, and if the Chargers sign Brady, they can´t have their most valuable asset lying on the ground, when he is one hit away from never taking another snap again.

If the Chargers want to look in the free-agent market, George Fant (Seattle) and Jack Conklin (Tennessee) are two young o-linemen who could anchor the offensive line around Brady. Melvin Ingram is a good pass-blocking running back, but with some notable free agents this season, it would be a good option for the Chargers to sign some o-line help, as well as, draft some offensive linemen to develop during training camp. Jedrick Lewis (Alabama) and Andrew Thomas (Georgia) are some of the top offensive linemen in this upcoming draft, and while all teams could help build their o-line, there´s a high chance when the Chargers draft, there will be one of the players available.

Sign or Draft A #1 Wide Receiver

Jerry Jeudy

This decision is solely based on what the Chargers do in the offseason, if they look for free agent o-line help, then draft a receiver, and vice-versa. Kennan Allen is good, really good, but is he a true number 1 receiver, the Patriots tried making Julian Edelman into a #1 receiver, and that was a horrible move. In the 2020 draft class, there are 2 true #1 prospects, Jerry Jeudy (Alabama) and CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma). According to Todd McShay on the Rich Eisen Show, Jeudy is the best route runner that he has ever seen, and with Brady being one of, if not the best, quarterbacks when it comes to timing routes, then this combination would be one that could leave many defensive coordinators questioning their life choices.

In the free-agent market, the two most notable receivers are AJ Green, who has shown interest in playing with Brady, and Amari Cooper who is one of the top receivers in the NFL, and can change the outlook of any team, just ask the Dallas Cowboys. No question Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, but he will need help, he would have a tier two running back, Melvin Gordon, and then have an elite #2 receiver (Allen) and a dynamic #1 (Lamb, Jeudy, or Green). If the Chargers wanted to be greedy, sign one of the receivers, and draft a tight-end, it was clear with Gronkowski that Brady loves a large, versatile tight-end, and Cole Kemet (Notre Dame) is an elite route runner and is a large target that Brady could latch onto.

Sure Up The Linebacker Position on Defense


Joey Bosa may be the second-best pass rusher in the NFL, sadly he may be the second-best pass rusher with the last name Bosa. Alongside Melvin Ingram, the defensive line of the Chargers is set for years to come, Dervin James is one of the top safeties in football, locking down receivers and ball-hawking while dropping into coverage. Casey Hayward is good, not great, but not bad either he´s good enough to keep a receiver in check during a game. The front and back of the Chargers defense are one of the top in football, Brady is a quarterback who´s not a game manager, but if he knows he only needs to get about 24 points a game to win, he´ll get you 24 points a game.

The only area that lacks for the Chargers defense is the linebacker core Thomas Davis Sr, Denzel Perryman, and Michael Davis, are good but they just don´t have the X factor that can make them elite. There are some ok linebackers in this free-agent market, but if they can find a way to trade up, or for a draft pick, Isaiah Simmons (Clemson) is looking to be the Khail Mack, if the Chargers can draft him, and bring him the success that Nick Bosa had this year, then the Chargers defense will be all set for 2020.

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