Toledo Rockets; Season Outlook
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Toledo Rockets; Season Outlook

Rockets look to get back to a bowl game and make some national noise.

Toledo Rockets; Season Outlook

Last year, the Toledo Rockets did what any mid-major program wants to do: Make and win a bowl game as they defeated Arkansas State University 63-44 with Rockets’ running back, Kareem Hunt, taking the MVP back to campus after rushing for 271 yards and five touchdowns.

With all the main focuses on offense coming back (Hunt, Alonzo Russell, Corey Jones) the Rockets will be putting up major points every week; too bad the whole starting line were seniors last year and the most experienced linemen is junior, Storm Norton, with three starts.

On defensive, they had to say goodbye to tackle machine, Junior Sylvester, who is currently fighting for a roster spot with the Indianapolis Colts. But they bring back senior edge rusher, Trent Voss, who looks to put nightmares in MAC quarterbacks all year.

But at the end of the day what matters the most? In his fifth year at Toledo, head coach, Matt Campbell, has posted a winning season in every single one. This year, the Rockets are picked to finished third with seven wins by ESPN The Magazine, but what do they know? Here is my game-by-game outlook on what the Rockets will do this year.

Oh, and before we start this off, senior quarterback Phillip Ely will win the starting job, then he will start walking around the Union like:

7:00 p.m. Thursday Sept. 3, Stony Brook- The Rockets start the year off hosting the Seawolves; yes, that’s right, their mascot is the "Seawolves." I believe the Rockets will blast past the Seawovles with long touchdowns by Hunt and Jones.

Rockets: 45 - Seawolves: 20

4:00 p.m., Saturday Sept. 12, Arkansas- The Razorbacks o-line may be bigger than half of the teams in the National Football League, averaging 320 pounds. With recent reports that 1000 yard rusher senior, Jonathan Williams, is out with a foot injury it gave me a blimpish of hope that Toledo could pull one of the biggest upsets in Rockets history, then I found out about their backup last year, SEC Freshman of The Year, Alex Collins, also rushed for 100 yards, so I am on the outside looking in.

Razorbacks: 35 - Rockets: 17

8:00 p.m. Saturday Sept. 19, Iowa State- The Cyclones come to Toledo after beating the Rockets last year 37-30 in Iowa. Hunt didn’t play in the game last year when he was out with injury. Rockets will be packing the Glass Bowl, looking to take down a Power 5 Conference foe. Hunt runs wild and the Rockets take it.

Rockets: 28 - Cyclones: 24

TBD Saturday Sept. 26, Arkansas State- Rematch of last years Bowl. If the game were at Arkansas, I would worry a little more. This is Alonzo Russell’s game as he catches three touchdown passes.

Rockets: 40 - Howls: 30

3:00 p.m. Saturday Oct. 3, at Ball State- With Ball State being one of the worst pass rushing teams in all of the nation, I believe that Ely shows why he started at the University of Alabama, as he throws for over 300 yards, and four touchdowns. With Hunt also getting in on the action and runs for a 50-yard-plus touchdown.

Rockets: 45 - Cardinals: 27

3:00 p.m. Saturday Oct. 10, Kent State- Hunt gets the ball close to 50 times as the front seven of Kent State has more holes than Swiss cheese. Hunt comes close to breaking the Rockets all time yards per game but doesn’t play the fourth quarter.

Rockets: 47 - Flashes: 25

TBD Saturday Oct. 17, Eastern Michigan- Eastern Michigan, also known as the dumpster fire of the college football world. Starters out by halftime sound about right for this one.

Rockets: 63 - Eastern: 35

TBD Saturday Oct. 24, at Massachusetts- Umass is going to be the surprise of the MAC this year. Returning 10 starters on offensive (Including quarterback, Blake Frohnapfel, who threw for more than 3000 yards last year) and eight on the defensive side of the ball. The fact that this game is away scares me.

Minutemen: 49 - Rockets: 42

8:00 p.m. Thursday Nov. 3, Northern Illinois- Northern only beat Toledo last year because every single quarterback on campus was injured so wide receiver Dwight Macon had to play quarterback. This year the Rockets take it.

Rockets: 38 - Huskies: 28

8:00 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 10, at Central Michigan- New head coach, John Bonamego, has a huge disappointment year at Central and turns into a bottom feeder of the MAC.

Rockets: 37 - Chippewas: 24

TBD Tuesday Nov. 17, at Bowling Green- Toledo could lose every single game but the game at BG and I would be completely happy. This game is going to come down to the team with the ball last, and also if any defense can make a stop.

Rockets: 42 - Falcons: 41

TBD Friday Nov. 27, Western Michigan- If the MAC didn’t have divisions and just had the two best teams and meet in Detroit to play for the conference trophy, these two teams would be playing each other twice. Which running back will be stopped the most between WMU’s Jarvion Franklin and UT’s Hunt will be the game.

Rockets: 28 - Broncos: 24

Is this a little biased? I mean I am currently writing as I sit next to the Sprit Rock in the middle of UT’s campus so… no, no, not at all.

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