Today Is The Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday

Chances are you’ve heard this before or someone has said it to you. Have you ever really stopped to think about this means though?

We live in a world where we are constantly worrying about what will happen next and what’s going to happen in the future. We often forget to live in the here and now. This worrying often runs our lives and controls every move we make.

Think about your day today. How many choices did you make based on the outcome for tomorrow? Did you not eat that cookie because it would add weight tomorrow? Did you not tell someone how you really feel for fear of what might happen tomorrow?

Sometimes we do things like getting gas, or grocery shopping so we make it too work or have food to eat tomorrow. These things are beneficial. But not all things we worry about for tomorrow are beneficial. Sometimes add extra stress to our plates, like how’s our date going to go tomorrow, how’s that interview going to go tomorrow…

Think of this... In middle school, we worried about high school. When we got to high school we worried about college and middle school became the past. Chances are in these stages of your life you worried about what's going to happen in the future and what will people think of you in the future if you do this. But as you can see all these things become the past and almost don't matter anymore.

The only thing we hold is the memories we created in the moments!

Have you ever thought about this... Tomorrow never comes. As the days change we always have a new tomorrow.
Tomorrow turns into Today and Today turns into yesterday and yesterday turns into the past. So if we really think about it every tomorrow turns into the past with time.

If we spend all of our today’s worrying about tomorrow, we will lose all the present time we are given. We miss out on all the moments we are given right now.

We need to embrace all the moments we are given.

Enjoy all the people you have around and all the opportunities that are given to you in the present. Don’t miss out on the things that will become yesterday because you are too worried about tomorrow.

The quote says it perfectly. We constantly worry about tomorrow and what will happen but then the day ends. The “tomorrow” turns into today and we begin with new worries. We begin to worry about the next day.

So, remember next time you are stressing about something that is going to happen tomorrow... Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Don’t let the little things stress you.

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