A Dilemma in the Form of an iPhone

If you've been paying attention recently, it's hard to have a conversation with someone without having the "a" in the box come up every time you try to text, "I". Yes, it's quite annoying and I'm about to tell you how to fix it. Or if you haven't experienced this issue, I'm going to tell you how to avoid it.

A lot of us usually ignore the updates because most of the time... well, they're trash. Usually, I wait a couple months, but I recently updated my phone to the latest iOS and I haven't been having issues with it at all. I can also type without being rudely interrupted by random a's.

There has also been a rumor, that has not been proven, but the evidence presents itself, that every time a new iPhone comes out, a lot of the older versions start acting funky. I've noticed this to be true. I'm not bashing iPhone because I love the phone and the software. (Though sometimes, I admit I do switch back and forth from iPhone to Samsung very often) It's just that it gets annoying, yes we know your company has a new phone out, no we aren't going to be within the first group to purchase one. A lot of us won't purchase at all because we love our current phones. If Apple could just make the updates.... better, then the hesitance to install the recent update wouldn't be a big deal.

So if you absolutely can't stand the boxed "a" thing, go ahead and do the update. Plus, you get new emojis and those are always fun.

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