A Dilemma in the Form of an iPhone

A Dilemma in the Form of an iPhone

Because it is one of the most annoying things at the moment.

If you've been paying attention recently, it's hard to have a conversation with someone without having the "a" in the box come up every time you try to text, "I". Yes, it's quite annoying and I'm about to tell you how to fix it. Or if you haven't experienced this issue, I'm going to tell you how to avoid it.

A lot of us usually ignore the updates because most of the time... well, they're trash. Usually, I wait a couple months, but I recently updated my phone to the latest iOS and I haven't been having issues with it at all. I can also type without being rudely interrupted by random a's.

There has also been a rumor, that has not been proven, but the evidence presents itself, that every time a new iPhone comes out, a lot of the older versions start acting funky. I've noticed this to be true. I'm not bashing iPhone because I love the phone and the software. (Though sometimes, I admit I do switch back and forth from iPhone to Samsung very often) It's just that it gets annoying, yes we know your company has a new phone out, no we aren't going to be within the first group to purchase one. A lot of us won't purchase at all because we love our current phones. If Apple could just make the updates.... better, then the hesitance to install the recent update wouldn't be a big deal.

So if you absolutely can't stand the boxed "a" thing, go ahead and do the update. Plus, you get new emojis and those are always fun.

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13 Times You Really Needed To Chill From Social Media

Pick your head up, put your phone down and embrace the world around you.

Everything should be done in moderation. And that’s a fact.

It’s never good to have too much of something, and it’s especially not good to obsess over it.

When we feel anxious or stressed, we result in over-doing things: eating, drinking, exercising, sleeping, crying, etc. One of the most daunting modern-day obsessions that has an effect on mental health and wellness is social media addiction. It has become a concerning issue hurting many people without them even knowing it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report coining “Facebook depression” a real thing. This research shows the amount of both positive and negative impact social media has on developing adolescents, children and families. And it kind of seems like the negative is outweighing the positive with this one.

So, pick your head up, put your phone down and embrace the world around you. Life can’t be spent living through a screen.

Here are 12 things you probably need to chill from if you’re obsessed with social media:

1.) When you’re out to eat and can’t put the phone down.

Social media has damaged social interaction. People struggle to look into each other’s eyes, yet don’t miss a single notification on their phone. As younger generations develop human relationships, more problems seem to arise with virtual interaction at our fingertips.

When it comes to dating, there’s nothing more off-putting than someone paying more attention to their phone than to you. Studies show the number of text messages sent in this country has risen to the billions over the past decade. According to a study in The New York Daily News, “While it might be a red flag if a date would rather text than talk, we are a nation that expects to be in constant contact.”

“People understand it's not right, but they still do it anyway," he says. "The information they're getting back is worth the risk." It’s a sad phenomenon, but our society has normalized this type of neglect.

2.) When you’re left alone in public for a few minutes and must immediately pull your phone out as a social defense mechanism.

Social media addiction is affecting social interaction, especially in public settings. Dependence on a cell phone as a security blanket is worsening social anxiety. According to a study published in Medscape, cell phone dependence and abuse symptoms correlated with self-reported social anxiety. Researchers concluded that a clinical assessment to rule out cell phone abuse or dependence can greatly benefit those suffering from social anxiety.

3.) When you spend more than 30 minutes trying to post a pic.

It should really only take a few minutes to post a picture. If you’re dedicating a lot of your time to editing, filtering and captioning photos of yourself, you may have a problem. Not to mention, if you’re posting to your personal account every day, or multiple times per week. This is obsessive behavior and only leads to feelings of struggling with self-worth.

4.) If your finger instantly goes to a social media app the second you open your phone.

This is a real-life obsession. People are so attached to their mobile devices it becomes muscle memory. The next thing you know, opening your phone instantly turns into opening a social media app, whichever one you are most addicted to. You basically become programmed to touch.

5.) When you MUST post a picture every single place you go or it didn’t happen.

A little materialism mixed with social media addiction equals to obsessing over taking pictures everywhere you go. Same poses, same faces, at the same type of restaurant they’ve been to hundreds of times, with the same exact people. Repetitive selfies, flattering booty pics, work, school, the club, the doctor’s office, the grocery store, public restrooms—you name it. People have become obsessed with “looking cool” and portraying a false persona of a perfect life. In reality, outside of Instagram, nobody’s life is perfect.

6.) If you follow toxic people.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to follow IG models or people you admire—but letting it get to your head is the problem. That’s what is uncontrollable. A study published by the American Psychiatric Association suggests that time spent on social media is considered a risk factor for mental health problems. Especially using many social media platforms. So, if you can take a break from at least one, maybe it can lower your risk.

7.) When you can’t get anything done because you’ve been scrolling for over two hours.

With the chaos of life, yes, sometimes we need lazy days to do absolutely nothing but scroll through our phones in bed. R&R is always good for you, but it becomes a problem when you start missing out on real life due to your virtual life.

8.) If you must bring your charger with you and find an outlet everywhere you go.

This is just annoying. If it’s an emergency and you know you’re going to need your phone to contact somebody, then OK. But, if you do this EVERY time just so you can obsessively scroll—just stop.

9.) The first thing you do in the morning is check social media. Even before peeing.

While many people sleep with their phones right next to their heads for their alarm clock or for emergencies, others do so they don’t miss a single notification. If you’re waking up hitting snooze on your alarm, and you instantly open that social media app before you even get up to pee, you just might have a problem.

10.) If you have an app that shows who unfollowed you and you constantly check it.

These things are dangerous. Once you download an app that shows who unfollowed you, it immediately pisses you off. You start to see those weird people who follow a bunch of people, then wait some time and go back and unfollow those same people to make it look like they have a lot more followers. That’s just crazy obsessive and those people really need to realize the world does not revolve around social media. Obsessing over cool point for followers is only hurting yourself.

11.) If you feed into negative comments and argue online.

This topic is honestly the most frightening. This is like that one meme: when you find out your crush is someone who argues over celebrities Instagram comments. *shrugs*

Social media has become some sort of platform for the socially awkward and opinionated to vent what they would probably never say in person. Also, just to argue and call people out on their bullshit, or just to call them names. It’s very sad. The best thing you can do is not even click on the comment section to read the madness within our society.

12.) If you can't stop looking at it while driving.

This is an obvious one. Don't text and drive. Don't social media and drive. You could kill someone. Or yourself.

13.) If it’s allowing you to feel any less about yourself.

The problem with this is that is happens without people even knowing it. Social media addiction can lead to depression and it's mostly your subconscious. With all the studies showing the risk of depression, anxiety, and other social and mental factors, we know this is a problem in our society and will be for future generations to come.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, smell the flowers and put the phone down.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Do You Have Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has come in handy for me so many times!

What is Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a way to make a purchase on your Apple device. It is essentially a digital wallet that holds all your card info on your phone. Recently, Apple has made it possible for you pay people through iMessage using Apple Pay, similar to what you would do on an app like Venmo. When I first heard of Apple Pay I thought it was absolutely insane. How could this be a safe payment method? I didn't consider using it until I saw customers at my store using it and I realized how easy and fast it was. I decided to set it up and give a try. It turns out that I really like it and try to use it whenever I can!

I'll give you an instance when Apple Pay came in handy. I was at work one day and went to the back room to get my bag so I could go get some food to eat during my lunch break. I opened my bag and realized that my wallet wasn't in it. I left my wallet in my other bag and forgot to put it in the bag I was using that day. I was beyond upset! I was very close to skipping lunch because I did not want to ask anyone to buy me lunch. I rarely carry cash on me so I was going to use my debit card to buy lunch. I thought hard for a second and remember that I set up Apple Pay on my phone. I quickly left and went to find a food place that accepted Apple Pay. That place ended up being Subway. Thanks Subway! See, there are instances like that where you might not physically have your card but you have Apple Pay to rely on to make purchases with.

How do you use Apple Pay?

It very quick and easy! If you're paying at a store, you just hold your phone up to the reader where you would swipe your card. Your phone will then need you to do your Touch ID or Face ID to complete the transaction. It happens faster than I typed this! Depending on your bank, they may require additional steps to make sure that it is you using it. At first, my bank had me call to set up my Apple Pay and shortly they mailed me saying that I had Apple Pay linked to my account and if this wasn't done by me I should contact them.

With that, I think Apple Pay is a safe and secure way to make purchases. I thankfully haven't ran into any problems so far. It is not a necessity to have Apple Pay but it is definitely something to consider if you have an Apple device. If you're hesitant about it, I completely understand. It is something you could always test out and remove if you don't like it. Something to keep in mind that is only works with iPhone SE models and up, Apple Watches, Macs, and certain iPad models.

If you decide to use Apple Pay, enjoy!

Cover Image Credit: medium.com

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