I was in a class during my sophomore year of college when the topic of modern chivalry came up.

A guy in my class said, "I'm almost scared to be chivalrous anymore." When I questioned him on this, he said, "I held a door open for a woman the other day, and she got mad and told me that she doesn't need a man to hold her door- that she could do it herself."

The "independent-self-motivated-don't-need-no-man" version of myself wanted to come out and say, "She was right; we can get our own doors." Then I realized just how messed up the concept was.

I've recently started realizing what it means to be a woman that God created. He created me to be solely dependent on Him, but I believe that He also created me in a way that makes it okay to be slightly dependent on a man someday.

Why do we as women believe that we're doing ourselves a favor by constantly emphasizing that we can do everything all by ourselves when we were never created to?

So to the guys who enjoy being chivalrous, polite, and still have manners, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that by trying to make themselves seem equal, women have tried forcing the idea that you're inferior. I'm sorry that they take what you mean as kind gestures and use them as weapons against you. I'm sorry that regardless of what you do, many women today think you're either being degrading or rude. I'm sorry that it seems like none of us respect you anymore, but know that this isn't true.

I believe in equality for women, but not at the expense of making men seem worthless.