I am a very impressionable person. I have a bad habit of allowing other people to project their feelings onto me. I want people to like me so badly because I, for some reason, cannot like myself unless everyone likes me, that I do not form my own opinions and just adopt other people's. It's super unhealthy, I know, but when you live a good portion of your life being secretly hated by those you thought were your friends, the line between healthy and unhealthy tends to blur.

To Those Who Doubted Me,

Thank you

Thank you for making me want to work harder

Thank you for making me think that I wasn't good enough

Thank you for making me think that I should doubt myself

I'm sorry to say it did not work

I'm sorry to say that I am good enough

I'm actually not sorry for that, though

Your tactics to make me think that I can't do it

Your plan to make think that my failure is inevitable

Well, it failed

I am happy

I am alive

I have people who love me

There is nothing that you can possibly do to stop me

I will succeed

I will make it

Even if you do not want it

I wish you the best

Even if you do not reciprocate the feeling.

Good luck.

Love, Me

Do not let others tell you how to feel. You are the only person that can decide your future. The only thing you really have control over is you, your opinions, and nothing else. Believe in yourself because you hold the only opinion that matters. Live your life how you want to live it. It is yours and it is the only one that you are gonna get, so make it great.