Dear Projects I Have Yet to Finish,

First I must apologize for what I have done to you. Clearly, you wish you were done by someone with a little more ability to complete you. I promise I have not forgotten though. You sit in lists and folders that are still around and I go back to from time to time. I intend to go back to all of you eventually, but I can't promise that. Maybe the time apart is good, though, and maybe I just started you too soon. I don't know for sure, but I hope you know that you were and still are important to me.


I am a person who greatly enjoys starting to do things. I am ambitious and set out with an intention to get things done. I know many people like this and I think many of them have the same issue that I do.

Often I find that I just don’t finish all of the things I set out to do. Whether it be getting done all of the homework I told myself I would do, cleaning my room, or finishing a personal project. Some of it I just won’t finish that day and others I won’t finish at all.

It’s a troubling place to be because I look at some of the things that got put to the wayside and wonder what I’m doing wrong. I don’t think the answer is to do fewer things, though. Generally the longer my list of things to do is the more I get done. I am convinced that if I didn’t try to do so many things I still wouldn’t get everything done or I would at least get less done than I do now.

I still would like to acknowledge the projects I had such high hopes for that never worked out. I’m going to start to keep a record of them that is easy to find and access so that I actually can finish more of the projects I start.

Maybe that’ll allow me to feel better about the things I don’t get done because I know they are not forgotten or abandoned. Who knows, maybe the extra time to think about them will actually make them better.