An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Got Accepted To Fordham University
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Student Life

An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Got Accepted To Fordham University

Here is a preview of what your next four years will look like.

An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Got Accepted To Fordham University

So, you've been accepted to Fordham University, and you can't wait to be on campus.

Well, there's a few things you should know, and lucky for you, I'm here to fill you in!

First thing's first: housing. As a Freshman at Rose Hill, you have several options: Martyr's Court, Queen's Court, Alumni Court South, Loschert Hall, and Loyola or Faber Halls. Really, it depends what you're looking for, but I can say without a doubt that Alumni Court South will not let you down (and I didn't even live there my first year). Coming from a prior resident of Martyr's Court, I spent a lot of time in South instead. It has a nice lounge and is probably the most social of the freshman dorm buildings. Most of the friends I came out of freshman year with were residents in South.

At Lincoln Center, your options are McKeon Hall and McMahon Hall, the first of which is moreso for freshmen than upperclassmen.

Nervous about moving to the Bronx, or to Lincoln Center? Not to fear! The Bronx has a huge stigma around it, especially if you are coming from a small-town. In reality, it doesn't have to be as bad and scary as the news makes you think. You just need to be smart, use your common sense, and be aware of your surroundings the same way you should already be when you are anywhere else. Here are a few tips: don't flaunt your phone or other valuables while walking around off-campus, use the buddy system ESPECIALLY in the evening, and walk with a purpose (which means make sure you know where you are going first).

In terms of Manhattan, it can be overwhelming because of its size, but the same rules apply. Just be smart, and you will be fine. The world is your oyster- take advantage of all it has to offer.

Of course, there will be times when the last thing you want is any of the food options on campus. So, let's talk off-campus eateries. At Rose Hill, a fan favorite is Rams Deli. It is located on East Fordham Road right across the street from Walsh Gate, which you will become familiar with very quickly. Rams is great for a quick bagel or sandwich when you want something fast, and throughout your Fordham years you will come to understand that there is a heated and undying debate over whether Rams Deli or Best Deli is better. Ironically, most people don't think Best is best.

Pugsley's is the go-to pizza place around Rose Hill, and it is really just a few steps from campus. It stays open late for students and you will absolutely end up here for a late-night slice more times than you can count.

For more formal dining, Arthur Ave is where you want to be. Some of my favorites are Enzo's and Zero Otto Nove, but you will definitely end up with favorites of your own once you give everything a try.

If you're in need of a burger, some good french fries, or other classic American food, Clinton Hall is your go-to. Clinton Hall has a super fun environment and is one of the best options at your disposal at Rose Hill. I go there with friends all the time, and it always fills with students during events like the Super Bowl or Fordham's Spring Weekend, or darty season in general when the weather warms up.

At Lincoln Center, you have the heart of Manhattan around you, but Columbus Circle is a nearby epicenter for all your dining needs. There, you can find a Starbucks, a Whole Foods, and many other options.

Fordham Rose Hill nightlife revolves around Barnyard, Howl, and Mugz. These are local bars for students, and often you will need your Fordham ID to get in. House parties are also big at Fordham, and as your social circle expands, your options in this realm of things will expand too. Once you are an upperclassman there will hardly ever be a night where you don't know where to go.

Around the Lincoln Center campus, Empire Hotel is a fan-favorite, especially for rooftop drinks when it gets warm. Mr. Purple and Gold Bar are a couple other options, but once you explore the city you will also find out everything it has to offer.

When it comes to Fordham pride, unless you have friends on a team, are really passionate about sports, or are just dying to support your fellow students, you might not find yourself as sporting events very often. When a team has a great season though, championship games can be really fun to attend, so if you have the chance, those are worth going to. Homecoming games are a good time as well, especially if you take part in the tailgates. The best event of the year for school spirit is Spring Weekend when there is a big concert right before finals crunch time!

The weather in New York is pretty predictable, but I have to warn you: Rose Hill truly becomes a wind tunnel when the breeze picks up. On a sunny day, this just means your hair will be blown into your face. If it is raining or snowing, though, you better come prepared. A hooded rain jacket and an umbrella are necessities.

Something to note is that Urban Kitchen, the dining location near the bookstore at Rose Hill, is pretty much never referred to as Urban Kitchen. Instead, we call it "the grill", and calling it anything other than this is, oddly enough, frowned upon by the student body. I don't really know why, and I don't actually know anyone who knows why either. Also, make sure you ride the ram before graduating.. otherwise you are sworn to have bad luck. The ram sits in between Dealy and Hughes Hall, and it has a spotlight on it when it gets dark. This is a must.

So, good luck on your next four years! Your Fordham experience is what you make of it, but it won't hurt to keep these tips filed away. Welcome to the Ramily!

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