To the New Pledge Class
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To The New Pledge Class

Be leaders, be friends, be sisters and be yourself.

To The New Pledge Class
Becca Steele

As a senior in my sorority, I can't help but look ahead at my last year I will be a sister of my organization.

It has been an amazing three going on four years of laughs, tears, crazy outfits, and memories with my sisters. I could not imagine being apart of any other sisterhood and going through recruitment reminded me just how much love I have for it.

For anyone not familiar with the recruitment process or sororities, in general, let me sum it up by saying it as a giant week of speed dating for girls seeking to join a sorority. It's a super fun process that I look back and am grateful to have been apart going.

That being said once recruitment is over, our bid day is done, and school starts so begins the process of becoming an official sister. Something that I have the privilege of already having done, my freshman year. I remember the excitement of all the firsts I got to experience from making my first friends in the sorority to going to my first social, my first new member meeting, and the first time I went on a sister date with a senior.

Now, I am here the beginning of the end and I just want to share a few things with the new pledge class of not only my sorority but of any sorority for that matter.

First, welcome to the sisterhood! You are a piece in this giant puzzle that we call our sisterhood. Each of us is different and unique so remember to just be yourself. You may be nervous to get involved at first because it is a brand new adventure but there is no time like the present to get involved so go forth and conquer sister!

Second, your education is so important and you should never lose sight of why you came to college. A good sorority woman accepts that C's get degrees but a great sorority woman keep her education first.

Third, people see sororities simply as organizations we pay to party with and this is FAR from the truth. There is so much more than that but if you don't present the best light of greek life then how can anyone on the outside understand. We need to lift up our sisters, our fellow members of the greek community, member of the college, and of course our surrounding community.

Fourth, we call each other sisters for a reason. Sisters will always be there for you but sisters don't always like each other every day. Sisters are patient with each other and kind when life is not. We accept each other for our differences and celebrate in them. Ultimately, there are days when you could hug each and every one of them. There are others when they drive you crazy but hey that's what sisters are for.

Fifth, you get out what you put in and if you join for one reason you simply don't need to be a part of it then. If you don't plan on growing as a person during your time in college and want a degree in getting by then the organization is not for you. I look at my organization as a place of opportunity to be apart of a group of boss babes, to seek out leadership opportunities, to have role models and to be a role model.

Sixth Have the time of your life because this is a new adventure and your sorority can become a very important chapter in your book. There so many fun things to do besides going to functions, mixers, and formals. There are many ways to have a great time with your sisters beyond just organized events, travel with them, go on late night Cook Out or IHOP trips with them, heck even live with them!

To the next pledge class, I wish you all of the greatest memories to come. I hope that you carry on the legacy of the strong sisterhood that you are becoming apart of. I remind you that you are always wearing letters even when they are not on your shirt. I ask you to love and care for my sisters that I will leave the college when I graduate as I know they will do the same for you.

Love in our bond, Bex.

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