To Longwood University Freshmen, Get Ready

The picture attached to this article was taken in the spring of 2014. I was an anxious high school senior who, despite having a great high school experience, couldn't wait to leave my hometown.

Flash forward to move in day 2015: I'm excited and nervous. I remember looking around and feeling so happy to begin my journey as a Lancer. I kept thinking, "What's going to happen here? Who am I going to meet?"

During that first year, the old showers may have been clogged, I may have eaten one too many plates of d-hall fries, I definitely drank too much coffee, but I loved every minute of it.

Now, I'm a senior.

And when I say that it has flown by, I mean it. I don't know where the last three years have gone; I just know that I've had a blast. As I enter my last year of undergrad, I can't help but think about the Class of 2022 freshmen who are going to feel the way I did on their move-in day: nervous and anxious to begin their journey at Longwood. So, I want them to know this:

Longwood University is the kind of place you can easily call home. The people I've met along the way, the opportunities I've experienced, and the incredible tradition that is Longwood will make your new journey memorable.

These will be the best four years of your life. But, there will be bumps in the road. Just remember, that's life reminding you that you're human. You'll get through it, and the people you meet at Longwood will help you get through it.

You'll go to Oktoberfest and Spring weekend, and as "lame" as everyone claims that bands will be, you'll be dancing and singing anyway. You'll hang out by Ruffner Fountain, attend Chi walks, and avoid stepping on the Rotunda.

You'll meet some pretty great people, form bonds with professors, and get excited when you finally see President Revely walk across campus in all of his whimsical glory.

Whatever you do, just enjoy it. Enjoy these next for years. Take pictures. Sleep in. Complain about 8AMs. Eat nothing but french fries for a week. Ride the FAB to Walmart. Have fun.

You thought high school went by fast? Oh, you just wait.

You'll be me in four amazing, Longwood tradition-filled years.

Get ready.

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