The mom friend. Every friend group has one and if you think yours doesn't, you're it. From sending "Be safe, love you!" texts to always being there to protect and help your friends, you constantly try to show your besties just how much you love them. Being the mom friend can be the most rewarding thing; you may love that your friends feel comfortable enough to confide in you and lean on your shoulder. Strong, lasting friendships can grow when that trust is there, there's no denying that, and being there for someone when they need it most can encourage them to do the same for you in the future.

But always being the responsible and reliable one isn't always easy. Caring for everyone else can feel like a full-time job and sometimes, people can take advantage of your big heart. Friendships should never be solely based around you constantly giving and never getting anything back and it's okay to end a relationship with someone when you feel like it's completely one-sided. There's a very fine line between being there for someone you care about and that privilege being abused. Always speak up if you feel like someone has crossed it.

Remember those good friends will always remind you that all of the hugs and good advice you give are appreciated more than you'll ever know. Responding to 3 am rants and every other thing you do for them can take a lot out of you, so your efforts should never go unnoticed. The bottom line is that you should never stop being the kind soul you are. Because all friend groups need a mom friend to function properly and you do just that, whether that means helping someone recover from a breakup or reminding everyone to bring a jacket.