To the Girl Who Feels Like She is Not Enough/ A Letter from Me: to You & I
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To the Girl Who Feels Like She is Not Enough/ A Letter from Me: to You & I

To the girls who feel like me.

To the Girl Who Feels Like She is Not Enough/ A Letter from Me: to You & I

To the girl who feels like she is not enough. To the girl who feels that everyday is a struggle. To the girl who thinks she will never amount to anything, the girl who feels underappreciated, the girl who doesn't see her worth, I am that girl and I see you.

Being a young woman and having low self confidence is hard, and constantly seeking that notice from others is even harder. Everyday we set the standards so high for ourselves that we forget how easy it is to just simply love who we are, naturally. This is not about looks, not about wealth, and not about others. This is about you and who you are on the inside, and finally understanding it is time to find your soul.

In life, people want the love back that they give to others and want that recognition and earning from people we look up to. The tough part with this, is that we usually don't.

I want to focus on some things below. It may not all tie directly together, but you will all understand the point.

  • When you stop pushing yourself so hard and being so hard on yourself, you will start to realize the things you were overlooking everyday.
  • When we stop searching for love from others, and devote that love to ourselves, our confidence will rise and our limits will be met.
  • When we take a step back and let go of our worries, we will recognize the strength and the humble parts we carry within.
  • When we stop comparing our goals and focus on our own steps, we will search on how to overcome our weaknesses.
  • When we power together as women, our team will become tighter and stronger as a whole.

We need to take a dive into our hearts and find that piece we are missing to solve our own puzzle, and learn to give ourselves that compassion. Look at you, look at how much you have accomplished on your own and how much you have ahead of you. The future's so bright, and I can promise you that.

With women, a lot of us search for our worth in a man or another partner. We search for that acceptance and must meet the other's needs. We rarely seek our own. This ends now. This constant devotion and loyalty of neglecting our own needs and desires to please others has to be let go. At the end of every day, you live with you. You live with your own thoughts, you close your eyes and control your mind. You must live with this. The rest is not your responsibility.

The other crucial part of this is coping with the domino effect of negative things happening to us. This is not, and will never be your fault. Trust me, I understand how it feels too. I wish I didn't get treated the way I do and I would receive that love and affection back. That one day, all my emotions would be catered to as well. As women, we shelter these thoughts and believe that we deserve what is happening to us, because frankly, we are women.

Life is hard and we need to take others with a grain of salt sometimes. We need to focus on the bigger picture and stop beating ourselves up about the small things. You may have a few tough years ahead, but the best is yet to come. Stop relying. Start soul searching and give yourself that compassion you need.

To the girl who feels like she is not enough'; it is time so stand up, hold your head high, straighten your shoulders and give yourself what you deserve. You deserve all of it.

Love Always, Mel.

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