To The Girl Who Always Turns Down Plans, Don't.

To The Girl Who Always Turns Down Plans, Don't.

What lie can I come up with to get out of this?

To the girl who always turns down plans, don't.

Stay in bed or go out? You already know your answer.

I grew up shy, my own best friend.. I was the girl in middle and high school that had one all-consuming friendship at a time. I clung on, certain that the girls in huge groups were doing it wrong. It was the only logical approach- you filled each other’s time, never facing competition. Looking back, it does have its cons. Watching everyone else being able to befriend anyone always made me jealous. I wanted that so badly. But being introverted, it didn’t seem possible. No one wants to be friends with the shy girl.

Don't get me wrong, I had other friends- or, I should say, acquaintances. Senior year, I really branched out. I started talking to girls I had always brushed off and rekindled my friendship with an old friend. It was definitely my best year of high school, but I still didn't go out much. When someone would approach me with plans the first thought that would come to mind was what lie can I come up with to get out of this? I couldn't help myself. I would much rather stay home and lay in bed.

Looking back, doing that hurt me way more than I imagined. I would log onto social media and seeing my friends have a fun time at the plans I turned downed. A cloud of depression would come over me. I would be furious with myself for feeling that way. It was only my fault. The amount of memories and experiences I turned down is repulsive. High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, but for me it was the worst.

I was terrified going into college. The thought of not knowing anyone besides a couple people I had met online filled me with panic. August rolled around and any excitement turned to dread. My comfort zone had treated me too well. I wasn't okay with the thought of being even slightly uncomfortable. All I could tell myself is how badly I wanted college to be different. I didn’t want to be the girl who sits in my dorm with the door shut, isolating myself yet again. I wanted to have a big group of friends, and never turn down plans unless I actually had to.

I’ve now been at Merrimack for eight weeks. Eight weeks of new friends. Eight weeks of finally, finally going out when I wanted to hide in my room. Eight weeks of searching for myself- and finding a person I actually like. I’ve found a kind, supportive friend group. They’re forced me to interact with even more people in my building, and now I always have someone I can hang out with. I never refuse plans. Even when I really, really want to. I'm over that. My social anxiety has almost vanished and the amount of crazy, fun experiences I have had here already is unreal.

So, to the girl who's either in high school reading this right now worrying or in college sitting in her dorm, don't. I promise sitting in your room by yourself on a Friday night may be fun sometimes, but not every weekend. Go out. Have fun. Find new friends, make new experiences, have the time of your life. As cliche as this may sound, you're only young once. Don't look back and regret turning down plans that could have been the time of your life.

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To The Elderly Residents I Worked With This Summer

Whether you find them loving or annoying, the elderly are pure and wise at heart.


Dear Residents,

Being able to work with you all the past three months has been such a huge experience for me. Whether we played cards together, ate ice cream together, went on a walk around the mini-golf putting green outside, or you listened to me sing musical theatre songs to you all, I enjoyed every second of it. I will admit, when I first started dining I almost gave up. I thought you all didn't like me, but in the end, I don't THINK that is the case. As time went on you all became very encouraging and supportive of me, and you always put a smile on my face when I walked into the building for my shift. Yes, some nights you all left me hanging to play Uno and watch a movie by myself, but I know you guys get tired so I respect that.

I'm typing this up on the 11th of August during my lunch break, 6 days before my last shift. This gives me a week to say my goodbyes to friends and family before I depart for the University of Delaware. About an hour ago, one of you residents, Ruth, said to me, "With the permission of these ladies around me, I would like to ask you an important question." Everyone nodded and you proceeded with the following question, "What is the most important thing you learned from us?" I was very caught off guard by this question, but to be fair I didn't get a lot of sleep, and it was about 10:30 in the morning when you asked me this.

I sat there for a good minute thinking about what exactly did you guys teach me throughout the summer. I responded with something along the lines of this:

"This isn't the most important thing you guys taught me, but when I sang for all of you the other week you all were very supportive and said such sweet things. Some of you came up to me and told me I had a gift and that I shouldn't waste it. Those words gave me the motivation to not give up on music and theatre. Obviously, I'm going to continue it as a hobby in college, but now I know I don't want to give it up in my life."

"But the most important thing that I learned from you guys is that I have to live each day to the best of my abilities because you never know which day is your last. Whether old or young, your life can go away at any moment. You all showed me that I need to stay young and enjoy each moment I'm in and cherish the people I have closest to me."

You all looked at me and smiled, and it made my day. We continued to talk about how we need to smile more, and that despite our differences we need to love and respect one another. I told them how recently I have been hanging out with a lot of the guys I became friends with in high school every night because college is about to take us down a whole new road. Sure we will have breaks and weekends to visit one another (I have a two-month winter break so hit me up friends), but in reality, we are going to meet new people and not see each other as much as we used to. I brought this up to you guys because I wanted to explain that despite my friends and I wanting to punch each other in the face sometimes, we still are bros in the end. THAT is what you guys need to remember about yourselves. You may fight and bicker about each other, but in the end, you guys are practically one big family living under one heck of a great roof.

Ruth, thank you for asking me that very tough question. It opened my eyes even more towards life and I will appreciate that for a very long time. Betty, I'm glad I could give you a partner to play cards with every once in a while. You taught me a lot of new card games that I will make sure to keep playing in the future and teach people at college. Phyllis K., thank you for always calling me cute. Roy, thank you for always talking to me and blasting music in your room. You have a great taste in music my man. Margrette (I can never spell your name right I'm sorry), thank you for coming to literally every activity there is. You never left me hanging. Dee thank you for always making me laugh. Dot, thank you for giving me chocolate that one day because I was mad at myself for dropping the work keys down the elevator shaft (yikes). Nancy, thank you for reminding me that I have my whole life ahead of me. You always had kind words to share with me. Keep on riding that exercise machine.

As for the rest of the residents (there's so many of you), thank you. Truly, thank you so much for making this summer very enjoyable. This is a job I'm glad I'm able to keep for the future. I won't forget about you all, and I hope you will remember me. Please keep out of trouble, and don't give Mandi and Leigh Anne TOO hard of a time. I'll see you all again December 18th. That's my first shift back there at HG. Take care!


Alex Atiyeh

"The Boy"

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